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Communication is an essential element in keeping relationship between human being. In ancient time people depend letters and telegraphs for communication,but later on it changed to telephone and mobile.
At present technologies advanced and internet and smart devices became affordable to everyone. Method of communication totally changed as a result of technology boom.
Distance never a barrier in online communication , people at any place can talk to anybody at any time.
FreeCallingApps.NET offers a Good opportunity to know about various calling apps . These free calling apps are available for different types of devices and platforms.

WhatsApp link devices without needing a smartphone to be online.

WhatsApp, the popular social media app in the tech world, is implementing more updates with each version. WhatsApp users have got another long awaited feature. This is multi-device support. This feature allows a WhatsApp account to be used on four … [Continue reading]

Whatsapp stops supporting older phones.

WhatsApp and  its service not available on some older smartphones. It will be discontinued from more phones running on older Operating Systems in the coming months. WhatsApp will not be available on smart phones running Apple's iOS 10 and … [Continue reading]

How to appear offline on WhatsApp without disable app

WhatsApp is the answer to the question of which of the social media apps is the most popular. But sometimes people are responsible for WhatsApp. When a lot of messages come in, sometimes we can't reply. At that time, many people will get rid of the … [Continue reading]

Five ways to identify fake Facebook account.

Social media impersonation or identity theft is the act of fraudulently or maliciously creating fake accounts on social media using the name, image or other identification of an individual, organization or organization and engaging in unwanted … [Continue reading]

Sandes , India launched new messaging app.

India government launched new messaging app has been as part of the Digital India initiative. The new messaging app is called 'Sandesh'. Authorities claim that users' secrets are not leaked and that the message is secure. The move is to use the … [Continue reading]

Telegram will now let up to 1000 people join video call.

Telegram, a popular messaging app, has introduced new features. The new feature can add up to a thousand people at a time to video calling. In addition, Telegram now allows screen sharing, including audio, in video calls. Telegram's downloads have … [Continue reading]

WhatsApp multi device support available now.

WhatsApp, the popular social media app in the tech world, is getting ready to implement more updates. WhatsApp will soon be making another feature that users have been waiting for a long time. This is WhatsApp multi device support. This feature … [Continue reading]

What is clubhouse ? how to become a member

Noise is all over the clubhouse. A place to discuss topics of interest, a place to raise issues, a place to tell jokes, a place to listen to all of this, a place to share friendships. Everyone is talking openly to each other at the clubhouse What is … [Continue reading]

Make video, voice calls from Whatsapp desktop app.

whatsapp desktop app

WhatsApp, the leading communication app from Facebook. Now you can now make video and voice calls on WhatsApp desktop app. Most of people using WhatsApp on their smartphone and tablet. But some people using this popular app on their computer. Desktop … [Continue reading]

WhatsApp tracking apps and your privacy.

WhatsApp is the largest messaging app in the world. However, many crimes are being committed using WhatsApp. Traced reports that WhatsApp is leaking critical information about women and others by exploiting its 'status flaw'. It has been found that … [Continue reading]