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Communication is an essential element in keeping relationship between human being. In ancient time people depend letters and telegraphs for communication,but later on it changed to telephone and mobile.
At present technologies advanced and internet and smart devices became affordable to everyone. Method of communication totally changed as a result of technology boom.
Distance never a barrier in online communication , people at any place can talk to anybody at any time.
FreeCallingApps.NET offers a Good opportunity to know about various calling apps . These free calling apps are available for different types of devices and platforms.
The free calling apps offers various services like free text between apps ,voice call between apps ,video calls, call to other mobiles etc.but , the thing is that each application has its own features.

The list of free calling apps are mentioned  below . Click on respective  logo for more details about each apps.

 skype wechat rebtel viber
 yahoo upptalk Tango talkatone rounds
 oovoo nanu maaii nimbuzz line
 libon imo icq hike hangouts
 fring fb_mesenger apple_facetime dingtone dingaling
 call+ bigo_calls bbm vippie coco
 whatsapp talkray Mo+ kakao FreePP



TeleMe app, for free and cheap calling.

teleme app

TeleMe is a communication application for mobiles, that helps you to make free calls and send free text messages to all other TeleMe users. You can use TeleMe app over WiFi,3G or 4G and  sound quality of TeleMe is better than a regular call. You and … [Continue reading]

TextNow app , free calls to USA and Canada.


TextNow  is the communication app of TextNow company, the cloud based  virtual mobile carrier in USA.  TextNow app offers free dedicated US phone number and unlimited calls and texts to any number in USA and Canada. TextNow supports almost all types … [Continue reading]

30 minutes free calls to India.


Are you a regular caller to India ?  Are you  searching for making free calls to India ? If the answer is yes, this happy news for you. Now you can get hundreds of minutes   free calls to  India.  Enjoy free calls to any mobile and landline anywhere … [Continue reading]

Indian messenger- a calling app for Indians


India is one of the largest consumer  of information and technology across the world. More than 50% of its population under 35 it’s bound to increase by the day. In this day of modern technology, communication is the biggest need of the youth. The … [Continue reading]

Google duo app-for real video calls.

google duo app

With its new , Google Duo app, Google has launched  their second app into the communication-based app segment after Hangout. The launch of this new video-calling app is set to pose a major threat for other established apps, predominantly Skype. … [Continue reading]

Callpal app – Free calls to any phone.


In this day of modern technology, communication is the biggest need of people. Conventional telecom calling is quickly fizzing out and calls over the internet across varied platforms like Skype, Messenger Calls chats, Viber etc. are becoming the most … [Continue reading]

Rebtel Rebel, free calls without internet.


Want to call international, but you don't have enough credit balance to call, it is fine. As we have Rebel now. Got confused? No need to be, Rebtel Rebel calling has beaten over every method of connecting people globally over the phone. Still … [Continue reading]

Use VPN to unblock free calling apps.


Free calling applications are the cheap and best option  to communicate to others.  Internet providers in some countries are blocked this services, the main reason is  that affect the revenue of mobile operators from normal calls.  VPN is the best … [Continue reading]

Lycachat app, the world at your fingertips


Lycachat,  an app that allows the user to make app to app free calls send messages and video sharing feature between app users. Lycachat app is the product of Lyca mobile , the virtual mobile service  provider operating more than 20 countries and … [Continue reading]

Chatsim- International sim for chat apps.


WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Telegram, Wechat and many more – We have a lot of instant messenger apps around us.Have you ever thought of connecting all your chat apps into one entity? Do you  need connect  to chat apps in your smart phone , … [Continue reading]