Call plus for free calls to any phone.


What is Call plus

Free calls to any phone is reality now. Call+ , the mobile app that has made it possible to make calls on land line and cell phones for free in 85 countries.
You can make unlimited free calls to anyone in the continental US and land lines in Mexico, China and Brazil.

Call+ offers two options for call other counties.

Make unlimited calling with just 99 cents for one day, $1.99 for two days and $19.99 for one month.

The main feature of call+ is offers free calls even a phones without. Other applications offers free calls only to same app installed phones.

Call+ is available for Android and iPhone  devices and  lets you call both land lines and mobiles and set  your existing phone number as the  caller  ID.

Features of Call+

Unlimited free calls to mobile and land lines in USA, Canada and landlines in UK, Ireland, Mexico, China, Brazil, France, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Israel and Thailand.
Make free calls around the world using a day of service.
Enjoy days of service can be earned for free either buy in very low coast

Add free days when you want, at any time, not limit of free days you can use
Unlimited free talk time to any covered destination.


Download Call+ app

Download Call+ for Android
Download Call+ for iPhone and iPad.

A video about Call+

Visit call+ website for more.

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