Download Tango app.

tango_free_callsTango is an application which helps you to make messages and calls through most of the smart phones, Pc and tablets.Via Tango you can send messages ,make free video calls and voice calls,share photos and play games.
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Download Tango app for different devices and platforms by click below links.mobile_download

Download Tango app for Mobile phones.

Download Tango for Android mobiles from Google play store.
Download Tango for iPhone from itunes apps store.
Download Tango for Windows phone from Windows apps.
Download Tango for BlackBerry from Blackberry world.
Download Tango for Amazon Fire Phone from Amazone.
Download Tango for Nokia X – Tango is pre-installed on the Nokia X

download_tabDownload Tango for Tablet computers.

Download Tango for Android tablets from Google play store.
Download Tango for iPad from itunes apps store..

download_for_pcDownload Tango for Computer.

Download Tango for Windows computer.

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