Fring app for free video calls.


What is Fring ?

Fring is a mobile application that gives you free ways to connect your friends and relatives. Fring offers  free calls, messages, video calls, group video and cheap calls to land lines and mobile phones around the world with fringOut. Fring is currently available on iOS, Android and Symbian mobile devices as well as Tablet and iPad.

Fring is best option for make video calls from Nokia Symbian mobile. The other free calling apps does not support video calls in this operating system. Symbian is first smart phone OS but new smart phones not coming in this platform.

How to register Fring on iOS, Android, and Symbian 
1. Download and install Fring application from  below mentioned links.
2. Open your Fring app on your mobile.
3. Register your mobile number by enter and press “Continue” .to receive your SMS from Fring with your  code.
4. Enter the  code to confirm your device and select “Continue.” Enjoy Using fring!

 You can request to receive another SMS or choose to receive a code through voice call if you do not receive an SMS.

What are the features of Fring ?

The best feature of Fring is Free voice and video calls  between Fring users. You can enjoy this free calls to any country and any Fring supporting smart phone or Tablets.
Fring group video calls allow you to  make free  video calls upto 4 Fring users at a time.
You can also make free text chat between Fring users.
FringOUT is VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service from Fring. FringOUT allows you to make very cheap regular calls world wide from Fring app..

Download Fring

Download Fring for Android from Google play store.
Download Fring for iPhone from iTunes.
Download Fring for iPad from iTunes.
Download Fring for Nokia Symbian from OVI store.
You may also download Fring by going to and select the “Download” button on the homepage.

Update- As of January 22, 2017, Fring stopped accepting new registrations and credit recharges on the fring systems. After February 20th, you will no longer have log-in access to the fring application and you will not be able to communicate with other fring users or phone numbers.

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