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Do you want make free calls without more data loss ?.  hike messenger is the best choice for you because this application allows you make   free calls in light on data usage over  2G , 3G or  Wi-Fi network. hike messenger is a communication application from  India , from January 2015 they offers free calling to other Hike users.
You can make absolutely free calls in over 200 countries as long as your friends are using hike in their smart phones. hike messenger guarantee the complete privacy in your calls. All your conversation and calls with hike are encrypted, so never worry about the privacy and safety. You can talk about anything you want and nobody knows your secrets ever.  The data usage  for a single second  voice calls in hike only consume 2 kilo bytes  over 2G , 2.5 kilo bytes over 3G and 7 kilo bytes over WIFI networks.

hike messenger available in Android , IOS, Windows mobile and black berry platforms. hike available for Nokia Symbian but it doesn’t  offer free calling facility.

hike messenger have lots of other communication features such  as send massages , photos, stickers and files. hike helps you to transfer big files up to 100 MB Video, document or music files.  You can  chat with your friends even when they are offline with hike offline feature. hike allow you to make group chat rooms up to 100 friends and chat share music, video and document files  up to a 100 MB each.

hike allows the complete control on the status  that includes, Online status and Status Update settings, so that you can set these individually. The  exclusive feature on hike is you can set chat themes in your  mood to express your feelings.

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Download hike messenger for Android.
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Download hike messenger for Windows mobile.
Download hike messenger for Black berry.
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Download hike messenger for Nokia S60.

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