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What is UppTalk ?

UppTalk is a global communications app that provides  you free calls to UppTalk users and to any mobile or land line phone,  send SMS to any mobile and chat anywhere in the world for free.Without UppTalk, your friends  can  receive calls, voice or SMS messages from you without any charges.Now make free calls with UppTalk easily in very clear voice quality.
UppTalk formerly known as Yuilop. The app currently available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS.

 UppTalk will give you   free credit when sign up and you can earn more free credits simply by  inviting your friends, watching videos and checking  available promotions.

UppTalk  may helps avoid to pay for a phone call or SMS again.

Features of UppTalk

Make Call, send text massages and group chat with millions of UppTalk users worldwide for free.
UppTalk offers you a full and limitless communication experience by using high definition VoIP technology.

Free 20 minutes call and  unlimited SMS  per month to any mobile or land line in USA & Canada.
UppTalk unlimited calling packages starting from  just $2.99 .

Your own UppTalk phone number is another great feature  , UppTalk gives you a free cell phone number.  You can receive and make calls , send and receive SMS messages from this UppTalk number by using WIFI network.

UppTalk offers  sharing pictures, videos, location, audio and more.

Download UppTalk

Download  UppTalk for Android.
Download  UppTalk for iPhone.
Download  UppTalk for iPad.
Download  UppTalk for Windows phone.
Download  UppTalk for Kindle fire.

Visit  UppTalk website for more.


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