What is Rebtel ?

Rebtel is a calling application that gives you a way to make free calls between Rebtel users and international calls at low rates.  Rebtel  do this by getting your call away from your telephone network and onto the internet.

Rebtel  offers a  local numbers for your international contacts, which you can call as normal. You just pay your phone operator for a local call and use little Rebtel credit , that is enough for make a  international call. This means that a Rebtel call is same like any other international call but cheaper.


Features of Rebtel

Rebtel offers  unlimited free calls and massages to other  Rebtel users around the world. The main feature of Rebtel is  international calls to any mobiles and land line in very attractive rates.  Rebtel offering different  types  special call packages to all popular countries. This packages helps you to make international calls  in low rates which  never see anywhere.
Rebtel using latest technologies for process your calls and that assure all calls in very clear voice quality.

You never need pay money for test Rebtel offering qualities.  Rebtel offering free 10 minutes trial calls , use it and feel the real Rebtel experience

Rebtel supports iPhone,iPad, Android mobile and Tablets, Windows Phone  formats. . Rebtel online calling service works with any other phone, land line or mobile.

Download Rebtel application.

Download Rebtel for Android.
Download Rebtel for iPhone.
Download Rebtel for iPad.
Download Rebtel for Windows phone.

How to get first call free from Rebtel.. Watch video

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