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 Tango app
Do you heard about Tango app ? If you have interest in free calling and messages ,you should know about Tango.Tango is an application which helps you to make messages and calls through most of the smart phones,Pc and tablets.Via Tango you can send messages ,make free video calls and voice calls,share photos and play games.

Use this program is simple , first  you should install Tango in your smart phone or tablet.You will get it in seconds.After getting installed,you should register tango with your mobile number.

Tango app varies from other communication application due to some special features.You can enjoy music through Tango.Tango app helps you to discover ,listen, and share songs powered by Spotify .Also,you can play games,challenge your friends and send gifts.Tango offers animated surprises.You can personalize your calls,photos and messages with fun animations. The quality of voice and video calls is so good that you will be really thrilled with Tango.Like other applications ,Tango app also allows single and group chat ,share photos,messages ,free calls to mobiles and land lines locally and globally etc.

Tango Out is a new feature of Tango app ,which gives free calling to mobiles and land lines all over the world.Via Tango Out,you can use Tango to call non Tango registered phone numbers around you and it helps you to contact friends and family members that are not yet on Tango.Using Tango Out ,you can earn free minutes up to 170 minutes in a single application down loading or do other online activities.

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How to find friends in Tango app

Find out new friends is the one of the best feature of Tango app. There are many ways to find out new friends , that mentioned below.

You can search your friends using name ,email,and phone numbers.

You can add friends to Tango from your contact lists. Tango automatically find out friends who use Tango from contact list.

Shake your mobile device is a good and funny option to raise your friend list.By shaking your mobile,you will get friends both near and far from you.

You can find friends from people you may know. Tango will suggest friends when select this option from the list.

People near by and people popular are another options to raise the friend list.
Tango have a good choice of friend selection by around the world by using world map.   Select country ,  location from the world map or search by type name of country or location, can add friends from that area.

Tango will be on always.So you wont miss a thing.

Download Tango Application.

Download Tango for Android.
Down load Tango for iPhone.
Download Tango for iPad.
Down load Tango for Kindle fire.

Download Tango for Windows PC.

How to install and use Tango in Android mobile , a video tutorial

Visit Tango website for more.


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