Free calls to any US number with FreeTone app.

freetoneFreeTone is a free calling app which helps you to make calls as well as send messages free of cost. Using FreeTone you can call as well text to all phone numbers in US as well as Canada absolutely free of cost. There are no hidden costs. You will be getting your own real US number. This amazing app offers you the best quality online calling experience. All you need is an internet connection to make calls. FreeTone make use of VoIP technology over Wi-Fi while connecting you to real phones. You can call any US or Canada number irrespective of whether it’s a landline or cell phone or a smart phone.

Features of the FreeTone app.

Using FreeTone you can make or receive calls as well as send and receive text messages anywhere in US or Canada absolutely free of cost. Earn free points by watching videos and click ads , use this points to make free calls to other countries.

Signing up and creating a FreeTone account is very easy. You can easily sign up using your email or Google account or Face book account. The moment you sign up you are provided with a unique FreeTone phone number. You can make or receive calls as well as send are receive text messages using your FreeTone number. These services are provided absolutely free of cost.

The quality of calls and network speed provided by FreeTone is unmatchable among all the VoIP providers. You can conveniently make free High definition voice and video calls to your friends in FreeTone without any disturbances. Sending and receiving of high definition voice notes, large size images, sharing of videos between FreeTone users are fast and easy. Group texting features where you can conveniently text as well as share photos, videos among your group of friends also come with FreeTone.

With active push notification feature FreeTone ensures that you never miss an important text message in your number. FreeTone also notifies you when your message is delivered as well as when it is read by your recipient.
Connecting with your social media contact is much easier with FreeTone. You can reach your Face book friends, contacts in Google Plus circles and even your LinkedIn connections at zero cost. You can invite your friends to join FreeTone through mail or other applications.

FreeTone is completely a free calling app in all its essence. In similar apps you are required to pay or earn credits to make calls. Irrespective of whether they use FreeTone app or not, you can make calls to any US or Canadian number using FreeTone. Free texting is possible to about 40 countries around the world using FreeTone.
So why wait? Download FreeTone in your phone at the earliest and stop paying for your calls.

Download FreeTone app.

Download FreeTone app from Play store for Android mobile and Tablet.
Download FreeTone app from App store for iPhone and iPad.

Visit FreeTone website.

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