How to change video call background in different apps ?

change video call backgroundYou can change video call background in apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype etc.During the lock down period , houses become offices. It is also assured that if the housekeepers can afford it, they will make office rooms. Perhaps the special lighting can be arranged up to the side of the lights. Office cabins may also be available for purchase. But that’s the thing that happens afterwards. What if we don’t have all this? Many officials and others are having to negotiate via video call today. The number of friendly video calls is also on the rise. The decorated rooms then appear in the background. Most people are wondering what to do by now. However, there are many people who know that video calling apps themselves have made it available through software. For those who don’t, continue reading.

Change video call back ground on Zoom.

Zoom gained fame when she launched Lock downs. Some of their features were attracting users. Famous for that is changing the background, or hiding. This has since been copied by most other apps. Zoom is one of the few apps that introduced this feature for the first time. Let us set a background with bright colors. Images in the Zoom collection or in the user’s gallery can be used. Let us see how to do so.

Users must first log in to Zoom’s web portal and be the administrator with the permission to edit their account settings. Then click on Account Settings. From there, go to the Virtual Background option on the Meetings tab and check if this feature is enabled. Or you can click on the status toggle and take the Turn On option and enable it. To enable this for everyone who comes to the video call with him, click on the lock icon and then click the lock icon again to confirm these settings.

Change video call back ground on Microsoft Teams.

There are those who are afraid to use the zoom. They can use other video calling apps. Microsoft, one of the world’s largest technology companies, is adding new features to its group video call app, Microsoft Teams. Like Zoom, we have the ability to completely change the background or to blur the background. If you want to blur the background, go to the background effects feature and select the blur option. You can completely change the background using one of the images provided by Microsoft.

Or if you prefer to use your own photos, click on the ‘Add New’ option. Now upload a picture on your computer or phone. However, you must make sure that the file format of the images is from JPEG, PNG or BMP. Now the images that are available on Apple iPhone and Samsung devices (also called HEIC and HEIF) should convert to the above format. There is also the option to take JPEG pictures on iPhone and Samsung phones. Doing so is enough. You are also given the option of automatically checking the background before the video call starts and modifying the background.

Change  back ground on Skype video call.

One of the great applications of modern video calling is Microsoft’s own Skype. Like the apps mentioned above, it runs smoothly across multiple platforms, from PC to Smart Phone. Click on the Video button to change the background. Then select the ‘More’ option. Choose  Background Effects there. The Blair the Room option is available here. Use this if the background is obscured. Or you can select an ad new image and make it background. This can be done while the call is going on. If you need to change the background before starting the video call, click on your profile picture. And then select Settings. Then select the Audio and Video option. There, select the background effect and select Add Image and Set As Call Background.

Most people know that there are many video calling apps available like Facebook Messenger, Google Duo and WhatsApp Messenger. One Alexa that may not be familiar with this video call app is Amazon Alexa. If there is an ‘Echo Show’ smart speaker on display at home, you can make a video call with your grandparents. Or you can make a video call to the Apple App Store or Google Play and download the Alexa App.

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