How to keep WhatsApp chat safely.

How to keep WhatsApp chat safely.WhatsApp is one of our favorite instant messaging apps. We discuss about , how to keep WhatsApp chat safely in this  articles. WhatsApp guarantees that chats are end-to-end encrypted and completely secure. But is that really so? How to get end-to-end encrypted WhatsApp chats. The term end-to-end encryption should be checked. WhatsApp chat end to end means both ends of a chat. That is, two people conveying the message. When someone sends a message on WhatsApp, WhatsApp says that the message will be safe until the other person receives it. This means that no one else can infiltrate during a chat between two people. It is encrypted and transmitted over the WhatsApp network.

But once these messages reach WhatsApp then encryption protection is not available. All messages are easy to delete if someone opens your phone and checks WhatsApp. This means that once a message arrives on the phone, it is your responsibility to take care of the security and privacy of the message.

How to keep WhatsApp chat safely, major tips.

Turn Backup Off: WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption but does not guarantee the security of chats that are backed up directly from WhatsApp to Google Drive or iCloud. That means someone who can access the drive with your email ID can leak chats.

So those who are worried about security should definitely turn off Cloud Backup on WhatsApp. This allows chats to be kept on the phone.

Turn off the backup.

Open WhatsApp – Open the three dot menu at the top right – Click Settings – Open Chat – Select Backup – Backup to Google Drive – Select Never. One problem with doing this is that you will not be able to retrieve old chats when you switch WhatsApp from one phone to another or log in again. So try to copy the chats that are backed up on the phone and keep it encrypted in a safe place.

Screen Shots – Do not copy screen shots of WhatsApp chats.

Updates – Constantly update mobile applications, including WhatsApp, and bring the latest security features. Please update as soon as the phone software update comes.

Permission– Do not allow access to storage to all applications installed on the phone. Go to the app settings and make sure it is accurate. Do not give permissions that apps ask for unnecessarily.

WhatsApp Lock– WhatsApp can be locked using the phone’s biometric security features. This will keep WhatsApp locked. To do so, open the Three Dot Menu – Select Settings – Select Account – Privacy – At the bottom you can see the fingerprint and select and activate it.

Two Factor Authentication – Enabling Two Factor Authentication on WhatsApp will give the application extra protection. This will prevent anyone from trying to hack WhatsApp by copying your phone number. To do so, open the three-dot menu – select Settings – select Account – select Setup Verification – click Enable – enter the six digit PIN – repeat it – enter the email id to retrieve the password if you have forgotten it.

These are the tips for how to keep WhatsApp chat safely, also lock the phone.

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