Rebtel Rebel, free calls without internet.

Want to call international, but you don't have enough credit balance to call, it is fine. As we have Rebel now. Got confused? No need to be, Rebtel Rebel calling has beaten over every method of connecting people globally over the phone. Still … [Continue reading]

Use VPN to unblock free calling apps.

Free calling applications are the cheap and best option  to communicate to others.  Internet providers in some countries are blocked this services, the main reason is  that affect the revenue of mobile operators from normal calls.  VPN is the best … [Continue reading]

Lycachat app, the world at your fingertips

Lycachat,  an app that allows the user to make app to app free calls send messages and video sharing feature between app users. Lycachat app is the product of Lyca mobile , the virtual mobile service  provider operating more than 20 countries and … [Continue reading]

Chatsim- International sim for chat apps.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Telegram, Wechat and many more – We have a lot of instant messenger apps around us.Have you ever thought of connecting all your chat apps into one entity? Do you  need connect  to chat apps in your smart phone , … [Continue reading]

YeeCall app, Turning calling into reality.

Sometimes you might be wondering that why Video Calls, Conference calls, Voice Calls, etc are not free. No need to worry, YeeCall app is there to help you out. YeeCall is a wonderful messenger application that brings you high quality internet call, … [Continue reading]

JusTalk app- A facetime for everyone

Tired of paying for video calls and voice calls, install JusTalk and enjoy free calling! JusTalk app is one of the best video calling apps under the communication genre. It is one of the simplest app to use. Just like Skype and WhatsApp, you can … [Continue reading]

Make free calls to Canada with Fongo app.

Sometimes you might be wondering that why calling and texting is not free. Why it is not unlimited? Now you don’t have to worry, you can get this through Fongo app. It is the only calling and messaging application that is free and unlimited. Fongo … [Continue reading]

Free US phone number from Pinger app.

The Pinger app provides free texting; calling and you can also freely send and receive pictures through picture messaging. They also provide the option of sending voice mails. The main objective of Pinger is that they want to help people communicate … [Continue reading]

Free calls to any US number with FreeTone app.

FreeTone is a free calling app which helps you to make calls as well as send messages free of cost. Using FreeTone you can call as well text to all phone numbers in US as well as Canada absolutely free of cost. There are no hidden costs. You will be … [Continue reading]

Make HD video calls with Zangi app

Do you want to make free video and voice calls in HD quality ? Enjoy HD video calls to your favorite people  in any where in the world and feel they always with you. A mobile app called Zangi gives you  free calling and other lots of features. What … [Continue reading]