TeleMe app, for free and cheap calling.

teleme app
TeleMe is a communication application for mobiles, that helps you to make free calls and send free text messages to all other TeleMe users.
You can use TeleMe app over WiFi,3G or 4G and  sound quality of TeleMe is better than a regular call. You and your friends install this app, use TeleMe to call and send message freely as much as you want.Even your friends don’t have TeleMe,call them to their  mobile and landlines numbers at very low rates.

The features of TeleMe app.

Use TeleMe app without any registrations procedures, but the company recommends to create an account with your phone number and email address. Then only they allow you to enjoy all feature of TeleMe app.
TeleMe app uses the phone number and email as the user identity and they can make free calls to any other TeleMe users.
A TeleMe app user need to use a real cellphone number to make a new account in TeleMe app. Because during the registration process user  need to enter this number and they  will receive a code number via SMS. This process ensures the number is your own and prevents misuse the caller ID.
TeleMe credit needed to make a call to non-TeleMe mobile numbers and landlines numbers at cheap rates.
Buy TeleMe credit easily by tap “Store” tab in the app.
The TeleMe credit once purchased never expire.
You can use the same TeleMe account on multiple devices easily, need set an account on all your devices with the same phone number or email, after these, the TeleMe credits will be merged in multiple devices and you can use the same account in all of these.
The call receiver will see your number after verifying account with a real number. You can disable caller ID display by off in call settings menu.
Two types of calling lines are available, that’s are Premium Line and Standard line.  The Premium Line’s voice quality is good and  call price is high compared to the Standard Line. The company prefers standard line but you can switch to Premium Line if standard line calls are not going well.
A TelMe app user can easily record the phone conversation by tap  the “REC” button on the in call view. You can found the recording list under the “Recordings” section . The recorded voice files  can easily send to anybody via email or with other Apps.

Download TeleMe app.

Download TeleMe app for Apple devices for App store.
Download TeleMe app for Android from Google Play store.
Download TeleMe Android APK.

Watch a video How to use TeleMe app.

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