TextNow app , free calls to USA and Canada.

textnow appTextNow  is the communication app of TextNow company, the cloud based  virtual mobile carrier in USA.  TextNow app offers free dedicated US phone number and unlimited calls and texts to any number in USA and Canada. TextNow supports almost all types of smart devices and operating systems.

The features of TextNow app.

The dedicated phone number is the main feature of TextNow app. The TextNow  app user will get a US phone number freely and they can receive calls and text messages to this number. TextNow never charges anything for this service.

TextNow app offers unlimited free calls to any phone number in the United States and Canada. This free calls can make  from anywhere in the world.

Send unlimited free text messages to any mobile number in the United States and Canada .
TextNow app supports almost all devices and operating systems. You can use TextNow on Android mobile and tablets, iPhone, iPad , iPod ,Windows mobiles and tablets, Windows computers and laptops, Amazon’s Kindle tablet, Apple’s iMac computers and Mac books.

Make low-cost  international calls by purchase credit or earn free money by completing partnered offers.

TextNow  is completely free,  no catch, no  yearly or monthly charges. TextNow making revenue by shows few ads in app. If you  don’t like these ads, you can remove  this by purchase a subscription package.
TextNow provides full picture message, send, receive and save pictures. Voicemail and Call Forwarding facility also available. You can add your own signature to each text. Customize  text-tone, ringtone ,vibration and even background images.
You can assign special ringtone & background for each  individual contacts . Send quick Reply  easily and quickly to respond friends.
A special home screen widget, that can use to  launch TextNow, compose and send  a new message or quickly make a call.
The unified inbox is the another feature , you can  send and receive your texts directly via TextNow with this facility.
Visit TextNow.com and text messages  from your computer too.All text messages will be synchronize with your mobile device.

Download TextNow app.

Download TextNow  for Android mobiles and tabs from Playstore.
Download TextNow  for iPhone & iPad from App store.
Download TextNow  for Windows Phone.
Download TextNow  for Windows 8
Download TextNow  for Amazon Kindle.
Download TextNow  for iMac and Mac book.


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