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Tox messengerDesigned to keep away from unwanted elements listening in on your private conversations online, Tox Messenger; a P2P Instant-messaging and video-calling protocol can replace Skype for users, because its OpenSource and Secure, and free. Although Tox Messenger was developed without prior planning, more people are learning about it and the majority are yet to be convinced to use it. Tox aims to free IM’ers from the clutches of Proprietary Instant Messaging platforms like Skype since these platforms are controlled by large corporations like Microsoft that have data surveillance systems in place to monitor sensitive information on their servers.
Tox Messenger is easy-to-use and its prototypes can be easily downloaded. You will need to install a Tox client to be able to use Tox Messenger. Transmitting sensitive or politically incorrect messages on messaging platforms is less recommended these days and this is where Tox will be useful, especially during private chats with friends and family. Tox claims to do everything that Skype can do including text chat, video chat, and VoIP calls. It may be a bit rough around the edges but has gained clients for a wide range of platforms already. Below is a detailed review of Tox, including features, versions, and the Antox:

About Tox Messenger

Tox is fundamentally an instant messaging service much like any other popular IM platforms available that includes cross-border messaging, file sharing, group chats, screen sharing, voice, and video chat. It is a secure and distributed P2P messenger that has a way around data surveillance to enable you to speak to another Tox user without interference. This is possible by using various NAT Hole Punching Techniques. Tox does not run on central servers, is encrypted end-to-end and cannot be decrypted by any known method. Since government monitoring of data sharing on the Internet has significantly risen in the past decade owing to dangerous and sensitive information being circulated online; secure messengers like Tox ensure that you can speak freely to distant friends and family without the fear of being intercepted.

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Features of Tox Messenger.

Unlike big-league messaging platforms, Tox claims to be ad-free for life. Apart from the main features of this unique messaging service including IM, Voice, Video, and Group Chat, Screen Sharing, and File Sharing; below are some exciting features of Tox Messenger which make it one-of-a-kind from the existing options:
• Tox was created by users for users. Its not managed by a large enterprise which makes it open and free to anyone all over the world who wishes to use its messaging interface.
• Tox works on all major platforms including Windows, OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, iOS, and Android.
• To keep messaging between users strictly secure, all parties are assigned with a public and private key that connect directly to each other and enable direct messaging.

Versions of Tox Messenger.

• Tox Messenger first arrived as pre-alpha testing binaries, after which nightly builds were published.
• More than 10 Tox Messaging versions and voice clients were released since its inception.
• µTox was made for Linux and Windows whereas qTox is specifically for OS X users. Android users have Antox.
• Ricin is for Linux users, Toxic works for Linux, OSX, and BSD, and Antidote is made for iOS.

Antox, Android version of Tox.

Antox; a Tox Client made for Android 4+ devices, is a multimedia messenger for instant messaging contacts. Antox is still in Alpha stage but can be downloaded from the Play Store. Built on the Tox peer-to-peer protocol, it’s an excellent app for anybody to use without the fear of being intercepted. Antox on an Android device may cause rapid battery drain as well as causes high data usage since its peer-to-peer. Antox is still in active development stage and is written in Scala and Java languages. Unlike other mobile clients, Antox allows you to disable the use of TCP relays in the Settings. You can go to the configurations menu and turn on the ‘UDP Mode’ if you want to disable TCP Relays.

Antidote for Tox

Antidote; a dedicated Tox client for iOS enables text message sending and receiving, audio message sending and receiving, obtaining notifications and chatlogs, as well as blocking contacts just like any other instant messaging platform. Available for free download on the Apple Store, Antidote lets you keep in touch with friends and family across the globe and chat endlessly without the fear of keeping your conversation politically correct. Its free for anyone to download and unlike the biggies in the instant messaging world, you don’t have to put up with endless, annoying ads. Messages you send on Antidote are 100% secure and you can seamlessly share files without size restrictions. Conversations on Antidote are encrypted with open-source libraries eliminating the risk of interception or spying.

Desktop Versions:

Desktop Versions for Tox include Windows, OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD. The Windows Versions are available as qTox and uTox clients in stable and nightly 32 and 64 bits. The OS X versions are available as qTox and uTox 64-bit clients.
For Linux, you have the Toxic Nightly clients in mostly static and fully static versions in 32 and 64 bits. For FreeBSD, you can get the qTox, uTox, and Toxic clients.

How to Use Tox Messenger.

• Using Tox Messenger begins with installing an appropriate Tox Client on your device. As mentioned above, there is a Tox Client for each device and OS.
• Once the Tox Client is installed, you need to launch it.
• Whether you’re a first-time user or a new user, you will be asked to register with Tox by creating a Profile or you can login with your credentials.
• Once you’ve logged in, you can visit the User Profile section to get your own, unique Tox ID which you can share with your Friends and Family. Or if you would like to add someone, get their Tox ID and send them a friend request. Once they’ve accepted, you can send and receive messages using the Tox Messaging Interface.
• You can invite all your friends to Tox and expand your Buddy List until you can easily switch to this risk-free, easy way to keep in touch with everyone.

Download Tox Messenger.

Download Tox for Windows  qTox 64bit, uTox  64bit,  qTox stable: 32 bit / 64 bit, qTox nightly: 32 bit / 64 bit, uTox,  stable: 32 bit / 64 bit

Download for Mac OS qTox, uTox 64 bit (OS X 10.7+)

Download for Linux  Toxic nightly, mostly static: 32 bit / 64 bit, Toxic nightly, fully static, but without audio/video: 32 bit / 64 bit

Download for FreeBSD  qTox on Freshports, uTox on Freshports,Toxic on Freshports

Mobile versions

Download for iOS  Antidote (iOS 8+)

Download for Android Antox: F-Droid / Google Play / APK


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