VauxTalk, an app for international cheap calls

vauxtalkVauxTalk is every traveler’s go-to application for calling home.
It incorporates the excellent balance between quality and affordability, serving users with a brilliant application that supports calls to hundreds of locations worldwide.
Vaux Talk built with the firm belief that everyone deserves to keep in touch with loved ones. Therefore, connection types, WiFi capacities, networks and system overloads shouldn’t matter. When you say “Hey”, whoever is at the other end of the phone should be able to hear your voice with crystal-clear quality.
Most people are away on business, looking to improve the life of their families. We value this time and make it easy and affordable to call home at all times. Calling with Vaux Talk is never expensive, and most calls will cost you as low as nothing!

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A glimpse into VauxTalk’s features.

VauxTalk is free for app users! We know people share lots of thigs with their families, and we want to add one more to the list!
Vaux Talk is country specific. We work differently depending on the location to offer the best conditions in every specific case.
Vaux Talk isn’t just about calling. There are more ways to talk to loved ones, this is why we support an exceptional messaging solution with a huge array of available emojis and stickers to share emotions freely.
Vaux Talk is clear voice because, the company’s  advanced technological solutions make sure two speakers feel as if they are sitting close to each other.
VauxTalk is about sharing. Sharing news, memories, and sharing to more people for a stronger network of happy users.  Vaux Talk knows how to greet our users, and they have created a special bonus pack for that.
The Vaux Talk team is growing fast and bringing in more talent to reach even more.

How to use VauxTalk?

It’s easy as 1-2-3! Download Vaux Talk by following the links below. It is available for both Android and iOS users. Run the application, chose your location and provide your number. Once things are verified, you are all set to make your first call with us!

Download VauxTalk app

Download VauxTalk app for Android from Google Play store.
Download VauxTalk app for iOS from App store.

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