WhatsApp is no longer available on these phones from February 1, why?

WhatsApp is ending its services on billions of smart phones. WhatsApp is expected to drop the service from more phones running on older OS in the coming months. No phones running Apple’s iOS 8 and older that OS will be available on WhatsApp since February 1, 2020. Many iPhones and Android mobiles are on this list. WhatsApp is dropping phones running on OS 2.3.7 and earlier.

WhatsApp has already advised customers to update old smartphones and buy new ones. Phones running on these OSs were not allowed to open a new WhatsApp account. At present, it is not possible to re-verify accounts.

On December 31, 2019, WhatsApp bid farewell to all Windows phones. WhatsApp is not available on phones running Windows 10. WhatsApp started cutting off older phones in early 2016. This is part of a plan to bring new facilities and increase security in WatsApp. Those who have older phones will still need WhatsApp without buying a new phone, the company said.

WhatsApp engineers suggest that those who own the old model should buy the new smartphone as soon as possible. WhatsApp said this on the official blog. WhatsApp, launched in 2009, is testing many new features. Not all of this works in older OSes.

The Apple App Store was only months old when WhatsApp started. About 70% of smartphones were from BlackBerry and Nokia. But today, 99.5 mobile phones work on the platforms of Android, Apple and Microsoft. Symbian based Nokia mobiles are very popular at the beginning smarphone era. Later Blackberry and Windows based mobiles are entered to market.   Blackberry based At the time, these companies had no market share of even 25%. WhatsApp officials explain that they are changing over time.

WhatsApp also available for web for use in desktop and laptop computers. This version available for both browser and also in app. But these are not working without a net connected device. WhatsApp has plan to introduce a web version that works interdependently. 

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