QQ International, make free calls to China.

qq international
QQ international messenger has become a leading online instant social messenger. The reason behind the success of QQ messenger is its distinct user-friendly applications. This application helps the user to make good quality video and audio call. QQ holds a top position in instant messaging application market. This can be seen from the fact that it has 1 million happy users registered from 80 different countries. In 2014 at one time 250 million users were simultaneously logged in QQ. This is a record-breaking performance for an instant messaging application.

Why QQ International ?

QQ International app is very popular in China and one can find this application on almost all the Smartphones in China. The reason behind QQ International messenger’s popularity is its calling feature. QQ calling provides high bandwidth and a higher frequency. This feature allows its user to enjoy High Definition video and audio calls. Additionally, QQ International users can even record and send video messages in its original format. This unique feature is not present in any other instant messaging application. Chinese are quite familiar with this application. Therefore, it is the first choice for the non-Chinese individual who is looking to connecting with Chinese people.

You can easily find many Chinese users online ready to accept your chat proposals. If you want to learn the Chinese language, then this is the best platform to improve your Chinese language skills. One more interesting and useful feature QQ messenger offers its user is built-in language translator. This language translator assists you to chat or convert the visual or text messages in a jiffy.

If one has to write the prime features of this application in a single sentence, then that will be: an application that supports video and voice, chat, apt for sending pictures and sharing files (along with resume/pause option). Users are also able to record and share a particular screen area on their MAC and Windows platforms. Users can customize anything with the help of the application.

The main featers of QQ International

• Application size – The installation file is quite smaller in size. Therefore less space is occupied in your storage.
• Low cache file sizes – App creates very few cache files. Thus this does not impact the speed of your phone.
• Chat Support in addition to video calling – You can use the app to chat with your friends and family. You can use it to share text, images, and videos.
• Huge sticker listing – QQ international Messenger comes with a good deal of stickers. It has stickers in over 150 categories. You can create your own stickers as well.
• High-Quality video quality – The application is capable of high-end video and audio quality. QQ Instant Messenger works better even in low 2G connectivity as well.
• Group chats support – QQ international Messenger supports group chats. The feature is equivalent to group chats. However, video calls in group chats are not possible.
• Best in class control – You can have a good control over settings and configurations on QQ Instant Messenger. That would mean you can set your own preferences on notifications and other options
One of the features that set QQ international Messenger apart from all other apps is its truly unlimited high-quality voice and video calling. The app has been tested to offer better and clearer voice and video quality even at slower connection speed.

Pros and Cons of QQ International Messenger.

• You can make high-end video and voice calls.
• The app encrypts all your calls. This would ensure the privacy of your calls and chat as well.
• Low in memory size.
• Offers free of cost worldwide connectivity
• Inviting friend’s option is available.
• Hundreds and thousands of stickers make it one of the best options.
• Group chat features.
• You cannot use it without internet connectivity. In fact, that is the issue with all instant messengers.
• Its battery usage is high.
So, do not think much and join the most prominent online community now.

Download QQ International.

Download QQ International for Android.
Down load QQ International for iPhone.
Download QQ International for Windows Computer.
Download QQ International for  Mac Computer.

Libon app for free voice calls.

libon app

Libon is a communication application for iPhone and  Android , that provides  free calls, chat and voicemail . Libon app works on web too. Libon offers free calling minutes to call mobile and Land line.

Features of Libon app.

Free instant messages  to all your Libon contacts .
Unlimited free  calls to all Libon app users without any country barrier.
Customized voicemail for each of your contacts , that you can either record or type.
You can see all of your voicemails in a single glance, and choose which one you want to listen to first. Libon free calls are also  available to normal mobiles, that is called
LibonOut, this is the cheap calling option   to more than 100 destinations all over the world .  You can  use free minutes and  buy credit to make this calls.

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How to earn free Libon Out minutes?

You can now earn up to 120 minutes of free calls every month, simply by inviting your friends to Libon.  You will be rewarded free 30 minutes each time when one of your friends joins you on Libon. With these minutes, you will be able to call landlines and mobiles in more than 100 destinations around the world.

How does it work ?

For each contact joining you on Libon app, you will be automatically rewarded with 30 minutes for calling to mobiles and land lines. You need to have the phone number of your contact joining you in your address book, and they need to have your number in their address book as well.

To win more free minutes of Libon Out calls, invite your friends to Libon:

Find “Explore” menu in your Libon application and select “Get free minutes” and click “Invite your friends”.
Select the contacts you wish to invite via SMS , this will charge normal charges. You may as well just talk about Libon, if your friends and family create their Libon accounts, you will be  rewarded without any other actions.
Libon app  will send you  a notification when your friends join the Libon community by message and email.

Libon will be rewarded 30 free minutes for each your invited guested create their own Libon app accounts.

Download Libon app

Download Libon for Android from Google play store.
Down load Libon for iPhone from iTunes store.
Download Libon for iPad from iTunes store.