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Communication is an essential element in keeping relationship between human being. In ancient time people depend letters and telegraphs for communication,but later on it changed to telephone and mobile.
At present technologies advanced and internet and smart devices became affordable to everyone. Method of communication totally changed as a result of technology boom.
Distance never a barrier in online communication , people at any place can talk to anybody at any time.
FreeCallingApps.NET offers a Good opportunity to know about various calling apps . These free calling apps are available for different types of devices and platforms.

Gap messenger, make free calls and secure chat.

gap messenger

Gap messenger is one of kind and exceptional cloud- based mobile application which uses encryption technology. It has wonderful services like games, entertainment and messaging. The app great rating of 4.3 out of 5 in Google play store and can be … [Continue reading]

WhatsApp on Jio Phone available now.

whatsapp on jio phone

WhatsApp on JioPhone is now available. Jio phone, the cheapest phone with some smartphone options was introduced by Jio company in India. Jio created an internet revolution in India with their lowest and free internet packages. WhatsApp is the … [Continue reading]

Plus Messenger, communication in your style.

Plus messenger is a messaging application that like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp that you can use to send messages, videos, and pictures for free using various internet connections such as Wi-Fi or mobile data. Messenger Plus can be used on … [Continue reading]

Vyke app offers free and low cost calls to anywhere.

In this era that we are living mobile technology is the limelight in the realm of communication. This has brought about the enhancement of the development of different mobile applications. Users can now choose from the various mobile applications in … [Continue reading]

Nandbox Messenger – free calls and chat.

Nandbox Messenger  is a free calling and messaging app for your  personal and professional use. Nandbox Messenger offer multiple profiles and versatile messaging options, that helps you keep your chats organized and private. Choose nandbox … [Continue reading]

VIPole Messenger, Secure your communications.

VIPole messenger is a secured messenger app, which can handle corporate and personal communications, thereby maintaining the security of personal and confidential data efficiently. The communication passed is in an end to end encrypted form, thereby … [Continue reading]

Linphone, an opensource Messenger.

Linphone is an open source voice over Internet Protocol (IP) Phone. It is capable to support SIP for both clients and services. This project makes it very easy for the phone to be used for both audio and video direct calls. In addition, the feature … [Continue reading]

Kimbho app, free calling app from India.

Patanjali is one of the leading FMCG brands in India. They launched a brand new free calling app named Kimbho. The word Kimbho from the Sanskrit, the old Indian language. The meaning of Kimbho is, how are you, What is new. Kimbho app works same … [Continue reading]

TextMe app, make free calls and texts to any mobile.

TextMe app is a free texting and calling program for Android, iOS and Kindle devices. Free SMS to above 40 countries is the main benefit of this app, that included US, Mexico and Canada. You can enjoy lots of free services between other TextMe app … [Continue reading]

Zalo app, the popular messenger in Vietnam.

Zalo app is a messenger from Vietnam, the south-east Asian country. Vietnam is famous because of its active presence in the world war. The gorilla attack of Vietnam people beat the powerful American military in the world war age,  however this is not … [Continue reading]