Sandes , India launched new messaging app.

sandesIndia government launched new messaging app has been as part of the Digital India initiative. The new messaging app is called ‘Sandesh’. Authorities claim that users’ secrets are not leaked and that the message is secure. The move is to use the messaging app for government official purposes instead of WhatsApp, just like using the ‘coo’ app instead of Twitter. Currently, government officials are using the messaging app. Earlier, it was reported that a group of government officials had started using native WhatsApp. The government had announced a year ago that it would launch a chat messenger similar to WhatsApp.

More information about the Sandes app is available on the page. The Sandes app can be downloaded and used for free on iOS and Android platforms. The app can be used if you have a mobile number and email id. Through the app, users can use services such as voice and data transfer. The app is run by NIC under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The Android version of the app has already been downloaded by over one lakh people.

It is noteworthy that the government app comes at a time when WhatsApp and Facebook are going to implement the new privacy law. Months ago, it was reported that the government was working on an instant messaging platform for official communication between government employees to ensure better confidentiality and security. Earlier reports said that the name of the app was Jims.

Government officials still use the apps and services of private companies to transfer official information. The new app may be able to put an end to this. The code name of this app is Government Messaging System or Gyms. The new app is modeled on popular apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

The app was developed and overseen by the National Informatics Center or NIC’s Kerala division. Central and state employees will use it to send messages to their own department and other departments. What made the government think in this way was that apps coming from abroad are definitely a threat to privacy. The Sandes app introduced end-to-end encryption in the style of WhatsApp and others.

After the news that some Indian users’ WhatsApp accounts were leaked using software called Pegasus, they became more eager to implement their own app concept. Since it is a self-made app, it is hoped that the message will be more secure. The server for the app is also set up within India. The information will be stored in a government-owned cloud. Data centers under NIC can only be used by the government and its departments.

The iOS version of the message was first tested in September 2019. It can be installed on iPhones and iPods with iOS 11 and above. Works on phones running Android version KitKat (Android 4.4.4) and above.

WhatsApp, under Facebook, was the messaging platform used by most government officials. However, the telegram was preferred to departments such as the tax department. The center of the telegram was London. Recently, some departments have also shown interest in the ‘Signal’ app, which is based in California. Signal was also a cross-platform encrypted messaging service.

There will be one-to-one messaging and group messaging, but there will also be conditions for sending documents, media and more. This, in turn, depends on the hierarchy of government. That is to say, there will be other officers and non-officers who can send messages to the officers of each rank.

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