What is clubhouse ? how to become a member

clubhouseNoise is all over the clubhouse. A place to discuss topics of interest, a place to raise issues, a place to tell jokes, a place to listen to all of this, a place to share friendships. Everyone is talking openly to each other at the clubhouse

What is a clubhouse?

Clubhouse has been the talk of the town for the past few days. Probably not so popular in India. There is a reason for that. Let’s get to it soon. Let’s get acquainted with the club house first. Club house is an audio chat application. Users can listen to conversations, interviews and discussions conducted by people on various topics. In a way, it’s like a podcast. You can listen to all the conversations in the clubhouse live. The conference room in the clubhouse is similar to a conference hall. A few of them will be talking. Others are the ones who hear it.

Existing members can join the Club House only if invited. Otherwise you will not be able to download and use the app directly from the App Store. Some clubs in our country do not add new members without the advice of existing members. Almost a digital version of it.

What is the best way to get an invitation to a clubhouse?

Clubhouse is still not very popular among Indians as it has a majority of Android users. Club house is only available on the iOS App Store. That’s why Club house is so popular in places like the US, UK and China where iPhone users are most numerous. iPhone users want to join Club house, but as mentioned earlier, there is a downside. You can only open an account at Club house if you invite existing Club house members. Moreover, the current user will not be able to invite anyone they like to the clubhouse at will. Currently only two people can be invited.

The company aims to complete the beta testing phase of the Club house app this year. So it is likely to gradually open the doors of the club house to more users.

Download Clubhouse app

Download Club house app for Android mobile and tab from Google playstore  and download app for iPhone iPad from Apple app store.

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