Make video, voice calls from Whatsapp desktop app.

whatsapp desktop appWhatsApp, the leading communication app from Facebook. Now you can now make video and voice calls on WhatsApp desktop app. Most of people using WhatsApp on their smartphone and tablet. But some people using this popular app on their computer. Desktop version is comfortable for sending files and quick typing.   This video and voice call service is a relief for users who use WhatsApp on their computer.

However, group video calling is not available on the WhatsApp desktop app. Only one person can be called. Group voice and group video calls will be introduced soon. WhatsApp is available on desktop in two methods. One is on web browser and other one method is on the app. Web browser version can use any type of operating system such as Windows, MacOS for Apple branded iBook and iMac , Linux and Google Chrome books. The main benefit of this method is no need install any app or software on your PC or laptop. You can go directly to any web browser and type . You can see a QR code on the browser, you need scan it. Go to WhatsApp on your mobile devise and scan the QR with WhatsApp web option on the menu.  Your WhatsApp will open your browser. WhatsApp web app works with same method , but need install app on your system. WhatsApp on your mobile device must be connected to work both web versions. But currently video and voice call feature available only on app version.

However, the WhatsApp web browser version, which is similar to the desktop app, does not have video and voice calling.You need to have the WhatsApp desktop app installed on your computer to use this service. This feature allows you to make video calls with your contacts via WhatsApp instead of using the Zoom and Google Meat apps.

Download WhatsApp desktop App for Windows, Mac OS X

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