How to use disappearing message feature in WhatsApp.

disappearing message feature in WhatsAppWhatsApp , the leading communication app introduced Disappearing Message Feature In WhatsApp. Users can now update their WhatsApp application to get the new feature and use the feature on all platforms including Android, iOS, desktop and web.The Disappearing Message Feature In WhatsApp is an optional. When this is on, the message will be deleted after seven days. The feature can also be used for individual and group chats. If you want to save a message before it disappears, you can take a screenshot or copy it.

WhatsApp has been working for a long time to set up a system for sending missing messages. There have been reports of progress over the past few months. The company itself has released information on how this will work. The unique feature is that the message sent disappears after a certain time. The limit is now seven days.

Messages sent with this feature will disappear after seven days. This does not apply to messages sent or received before this feature was introduced. You can turn this feature on or off for each chat. In the case of group chats, only the admin can turn it on and off.

How To Use thisĀ  Feature in WhatsApp.

First go to Google Store or Apple App Store and update WhatsApp.

After updating the app, open WhatsApp’s chat window

Tap on the contact name – here you will see that you want to turn on the disappearing message feature.

Select the message on-message option that disappears here.

Some other information about Disappearing Message Feature In WhatsApp

If someone does not check WhatsApp within seven days the message will disappear. However, a preview of this will continue to show in the notification.

If the reply is contained within the received message, the message sent to disappear will remain in it. It does not have to disappear.

If the message sent for disappearance is forwarded, the forwarded message will not be destroyed. If you are still using this feature while forwarding, you may be ruined if you are not forwarded again.

If the recipient of the disappearing message backed up before it disappears, it will not be destroyed. However, these messages will be destroyed when you try to restore them.

Sending photos or videos with a disappearing message will ruin the video in the chat if the recipient has auto download enabled but the video or photo served on the phone will not be lost.

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