WhatsApp Communities Feature and In-Chat Polls, Raises Group Limit to 1,024 Participants.

WhatsApp Communities Feature

The community feature that enables users to bring special groups under an umbrella. Community feature can be used to all countries. In addition to the Community Feature, WhatsApp also presented. The opportunity to include polls in the Group and 32 people will participate in a vote call, and many new features of the group members are also presented to 1024.
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is officially announced the WhatsApp community feature . We are starting the communities at WhatsApp. This makes the groups better. Polls and 32 started with video and calling. All are safe through end-to-end encryption, and the Zucker burg said that your messages will continue private.

The community feature will be available near future. This is expected to benefit from workplaces, schools and local clubs. The new community tab is displayed on the Android Apply and display it in the iOS. WhatsApp’s communities will be hoped to be a major challenge for the largest rival of WhatsApp.

In addition to communities, the poll feature included in the WhatsApp groups. With this feature, you will allow users to make polls quickly in the group. The Facebook Messenger and Telegram are currently allow users to poll the group. Meta also said that WhatsApp’s Poll will be safe by end-to-end encryption.

Meanwhile, the group is also available to 32 members, and the WhatsApp also said. The WhatsApp is currently allowing to add up to 32 members to group voice calls in Android and iOS. The same extent will also apply to group videos.

The limits of the WhatsApp Group’s members raised 1024 from 512. New feature will benefit from small enterprises and businesses. First this year, the number of members was up to 512 from 256. Meanwhile, telegram allows users to add to the 2,00,000 people to group. Unlike WhatsApp, End-to-end encryption protection is not available for this group chats.

What is WhatsApp community feature?

The company will be allowed to accept the updates sent users to the entire community and easily organizing small discussion groups about the matters of important to them. The new tools can be sent to all the people in the group will also be introduced for admins. Admin can determine which groups will be included.

It is important to be said to be a new feature to easily manage the group chat. It is interesting to note that the new move will be taken to the needs of the world’s needs. With this feature, schools, local clubs and non-profit organizations can be easily brought under one umbrella. So there will be no communication gap. The Classified classes are expected to make the groups of the specific classes, and share all the parents of the school to share all the parents of the school and sharing all the parents in the school.

Anyone can create a community and add multiple groups. However, groups can unite groups only if the admins of respect of respect of respect groups accept the community invitation. But only people in a separate group can see messages in the group. Users of users in other groups in their community cannot see the messages or WhatsApp numbers. But in which group of all groups in which the message will be seen in which the message will be decided.

How can I create the flood of the Messages?

A variety of political parties, religious organizations and companies will now create groups together and create communities. Some political parties are investigated how to overcome the constraints of members can be added to WhatsApp Groups. As the Community Feature arrives, the forwarding messages and spreading the message and give many happy. The campaigns can be accompanied by propaganda programs and more via the communities. In groups, people have the potential to have the messages.

Is WhatsApp community feature is safe ?

There is no more than the attacks and others who have delivered the messages through the community media. A message was appointed that only five people can be forwarded only five people. However, the communities will have to be seen whether the communities are threatened to the society.

The benefits WhatsApp community feature.

Neighborhood groups, communities associated with school, communities associated with the workplace communities. Many will come under an umbrella. During the spread of Covid, the common people say it is believed to depend on Drugs and the medicine to get the drug. Meta also says that the new feature will make it more easier. Especially, especially in a country, such as India, more than 40 billion users, supply new feature help in a country like India.

With 50 organizations cooperated with 50 organizations.

Meta also revealed that the Communities was introduced in harmony with more than 50 organizations in 15 countries. It is also prepared to suit these organizations.

Other features of WhatsApp community feature .

Messages in WhatsApp can respond to the facilities and the installment of Facebook. Group audio and video call from 32 people in the group can be done. The size of the shared files is 2Gbia. The group admins can be removed for the fact that it feels the problem.

The authority of the Communities Ad

The group can include which group to his community, it will be the power of community admin to stop any group. Community Admin will have the power to remove the message in connection with community with community. Admin will have the power to expel the issues from the community.

New security features.

The members of the group are only in that group to prevent spam messages. The general member of the group cannot search for exists. However, the group member will have the right to ask Admin to give admission of a community message.

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