How to appear offline on WhatsApp without disable app

appear offline on WhatsAppWhatsApp is the answer to the question of which of the social media apps is the most popular. But sometimes people are responsible for WhatsApp. When a lot of messages come in, sometimes we can’t reply. At that time, many people will get rid of the blue line that indicates that they read the message on WhatsApp. Even though WhatsApp is online, the feature that shows offline status is something that everyone wants. However, such a feature is already available in WhatsApp. It will also be available with a small change in the settings of our mobile.

To reply to a message without showing the online status , appear offline on WhatsApp .


By tapping on the left side of the message notification, you can reply from the options without showing the online status in WhatsApp.


Tap on the message notification and you will see an option called mark as read & replay. WhatsApp does not show online status when sending a message through this

Similarly, you can turn on airplane mode and send a message on WhatsApp without showing your online status. Turn on airplane mode and type the message. Then close the app and turn off airplane mode. Doing so will not always show the WhatsApp online status

Only WhatsApp can turn off mobile data. for this:

How to appear offline on WhatsApp in Android phone ?

Go to phone settings

Choose Manage App or Installed App

Open WhatsApp

Select Data Usage. Disable mobile data, Wi-Fi and background data

How to appear offline on WhatsApp in iPhone ?

Open WhatsApp in Settings

Select Mobile Data, Background and Refresh

Exclude WhatsApp from Recent Apps.

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