Five ways to identify fake Facebook account.

Identify Fake Facebook AccountSocial media impersonation or identity theft is the act of fraudulently or maliciously creating fake accounts on social media using the name, image or other identification of an individual, organization or organization and engaging in unwanted activities. A fake is a ‘copy’ account similar to that of the real owner of the account, or an account created with partial identification.  The impersonator’s agenda is to influence and see things through. The following is a warning from the police on social media:
Five ways to identify fake accounts.

The number of people abusing social media is on the rise. The main role in all major incidents are fake accounts. There are fake profiles that start with a joke and fake profiles that are created for one’s own profile by being reluctant to leave comments. Also, fake accounts are being used for cheating, sexual abuse and child abuse.

It is essential that parents regularly monitor students’ Facebook and WhatsApp accounts and chats and give them the instructions they need. Your life will be in tragedy  if you do not handle front requests carefully.

Don’t joke about chat requests from unfamiliar profiles. Maybe they know exactly what we are trying to establish a relationship through a fake ID.

Five  ways to identify fake Facebook account profile.

1. The profile picture may be fake if there is only one photo in the album in total. If the profile picture is of a movie star or actor, the chances of a fake are high. The profile picture album will feature more pictures of celebrities.

2. Check the timeline and status update. False if no status has been updated for a long time.

3. Do not post, do not comment on other people’s posts. These are the symptoms of fake. Most fake accounts are those who have never even updated their status.

4. Take a look at recent activities. Profiles that focus on just increasing the number of friends without liking a page or joining a group can be fake.

5. Notice if the profile responds in a non-serious way, such as date of birth, place of work, place of study.

These are the five major tips to identify fake Facebook account . Choose this method to identify other social media fake accounts too.

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