How to set two factor authentication on WhatsApp ?

The security officials always  warning about social media accounts were being widely hacked. They suggest activating two-factor authentication on accounts and adding a security PIN for authentication on WhatsApp. The message has been widely … [Continue reading]

How to share larger files through Whatsapp ?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. WhatsApp has many features for users to share positive messages with their friends and family. What's more, WhatsApp can easily send various media files, including pictures and videos, … [Continue reading]

How to change video call background in different apps ?

You can change video call background in apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype etc.During the lock down period , houses become offices. It is also assured that if the housekeepers can afford it, they will make office rooms. Perhaps the special … [Continue reading]

Google meet is now available for free.

google meet

Let us tell you that during this time you are working from your home, and you will have to join meetings, etc. on video calls too many times.  For this, you will obviously be using Google Duo, WhatsApp or many workplace video conferencing apps as … [Continue reading]

Why not use WhatsApp ? 5 facts you must know.

WhatsApp is leading communication app in the world. Actually WhatsApp is safe to use ? Some tech experts say that using  is not advisable. Why not use WhatsApp ? here some interesting facts about this you must know. Why not use WhatsApp? If there … [Continue reading]

How to install and use Skype on Windows 10 ?

Skype is the communication program of Microsoft company. This is very easy and comfortable to use on Windows 10 computers. After latest update Skype become a proper universal app for Windows 10. Here explains how to install and use Skype on Windows … [Continue reading]

Say Namaste app , the Indian alternative of zoom.

During Lockdown there are various video conferencing services for people to interact with and attend official video conferences for employees at work from home. So lockdown times like Zoom and Google Meet have advantages.Meanwhile, following the … [Continue reading]

How to keep your WhatsApp number out of Google Search

WhatsApp numbers can be found through a simple Google search. Cyber security experts found more than 300,000 WhatsApp numbers as text. This numbers include users from most countries, including India,  US and UK. Researchers say that this data is … [Continue reading]

10 WhatsApp safety tips for protect yourself.

whatsapp safety tips

  WhatsApp is the leading communication app in the world. With over a billion users worldwide. Terrorist accounts using WhatsApp, along with scammers, hackers and all sorts of nefarious individuals and groups are always in the popular media. … [Continue reading]

WhatsApp Pay is launching in India.

Facebook's online payment service WhatsApp Pay is expected to launch in India later this month. The beta version of WhatsApp Pay has been in the country for two years. But due to some technical difficulties, WhatsApp Pay has not been officially … [Continue reading]