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Communication is an essential element in keeping relationship between human being. In ancient time people depend letters and telegraphs for communication,but later on it changed to telephone and mobile. At present technologies advanced and internet … [Continue reading]

Wire Messenger for business and personal use.

Wire Messenger is an amazing cross-platform which secures all your personal chats, files and calls with end-to-end encryption. It is accessible on most devices like the Android, IOS, windows and web browsers clients. Wire originates from the European … [Continue reading]

FreedomPop mobile service, enjoy free voice and data.

Tired of being subscribed to mediocre mobile service provider? Try FREEDOMPOP. It is tailor made for users like you who are fed up with pretty poor quality mobile services. Features of FreedomPop mobile service. FreedomPop mobile service offers … [Continue reading]

CMe messenger, an app for free calling from UAE.

CMe is a messenger application that offers Video Calls and Chat that helps connecting millions around the world. You can call, chat and share with anyone, anywhere. CMe messenger and usage in UAE. CMe messenger is one of the legally approved … [Continue reading]

JioChat app, a free calling app from India.

The Jio telecommunication company has made an internet revolution in India. They introduced free and cheap mobile internet services in India. After the Jio effect, mobile data charges reduced and usage of the Internet increased rapidly in India. … [Continue reading]

Skype Lite app, small app with big features.

Skype is a leading communication program of Microsoft Company which shed light on the introduction of a new lightweight application named Skype Lite. It is a small yet capable and fast application that works even on limited networks. Skype Lite app … [Continue reading]

Snapchat call and free video chat. How to do it ?

Snapchat is basically a mobile app which is used for creating multimedia messages, used to share photos, videos, text and drawings. Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown are the original authors of Snapchat. It is available in 22 different … [Continue reading]

Calling to India with Skype, What is the best plan ?

Calling to India with Skype app is a good option to save money. Skype is the leading communication program of Microsoft Company. The main feature of Skype is that, it support all types of devices and operating systems.You can use Skype in desktop and … [Continue reading]

Swiftcall, earn credit and make free calls.


Swiftcall is a free calling program for Android based mobiles and tablets that allow you to make free internet calls. You can make calls to anywhere by using the earned credit. Features of Swift call. The Swiftcall offers 100% free call, but … [Continue reading]

Google Voice, easy way to make free calls.

Google Voice is the calling program of the Google company. Formerly this program was called GrandCentral. This is one of the best ways to make free internet calls. This is a Google’s US-based service and the United States and Canada residents will … [Continue reading]