Main features of Whatsapp web and how to use it ?

WhatsApp Web is a version of the WhatsApp application on your desktop computer. It is set to launch in 2015. The feature is that you can transfer pictures, videos and documents quickly and easily. WhatsApp is a web-based platform for friendly … [Continue reading]

How to use Skype on XBOX ?

Skype is the leading communication app, and that can work on different platforms such as smartphones, tablets, desktop, Alexa, etc. Now you can use Skype on Xbox , the gaming console. Make video and audio calls on Skype for Xbox is very easy. You can … [Continue reading]

Beware hackers targeting WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp is a leading communication application and most of us using this for our personal and professional use. Can you imagine one day you may lose your WhatsApp account? That happens a huge number of WhatsApp users, hackers are working day and … [Continue reading]

Free calls to any phone and get your 2ndline.

Millions of peoples left their home countries for work and study purposes. It is not difficult at this time for them to have contact with friends and relatives in their home country. There are a variety of apps available to help them with that. We … [Continue reading]

How to send a whatsapp message without saving number.

WhatsApp is a very popular and familiar communication app nowadays. Everybody knows how to Send a message to a WhatsApp friend and this is very simple. Whatsapp detects your friends your contact list on a mobile phone. But how do I send a WhatsApp … [Continue reading]

Beware of those who install video chat apps.

If you want to use social meeting apps like Skype, Zoom, Webex, and Slack, make sure you use the right app. Cybercriminals lag behind such apps as they are gaining popularity during Lockdown. Fake apps that are similar to the name of these apps are … [Continue reading]

Whatsapp new features are coming soon.

WhatsApp new features introduce constantly to their users. WhatsApp is now ready for two very cool features. The latest version of WhatsApp 2.20.110 beta features many new features. Among them are Explorer Message and Multiple Device … [Continue reading]

Telegram app Introduces new features including chat folders, channel stats.

WhatsApp's main competitor, Telegram, introduced new features. Features included in-app video editor, animated stickers and speaker jing gifs. The photo editor was first introduced to Telegram in 2015. Telegram said the app's media editing facility … [Continue reading]

Skype with Alexa, easy way for make free calls .

Skype with Alexa is the easy for make free calls. Skype is anywhere, anytime via Alexa to connect with the people who matter most in your life and work. Skype with Alexa announces unique voice and video calling experiences that make it easy to share … [Continue reading]

Facebook launches messenger desktop version for Mac and Windows

Facebook has released Messenger desktop version for Windows and Mac OS computers. Facebook has released a desktop version of Messenger to help people stay in touch with each other in the wake of the announcement of the Lockdown. Video calling is … [Continue reading]