Say Namaste app , the Indian alternative of zoom.

Say Namaste appDuring Lockdown there are various video conferencing services for people to interact with and attend official video conferences for employees at work from home. So lockdown times like Zoom and Google Meet have advantages.Meanwhile, following the revelations of security threats posed against Zoom App, the Government of India has advised people and government offices not to use Zoom App. It also asked start-up companies in India to develop another app with all the features they could use as a substitute for Zoom App.Many companies have come up with Indian-made video conferencing platforms. One of them is ‘Say Namaste’, a Mumbai-based startup company developed by InScript. The app, which was previously only available on the web, is now available in the Play Store and Apple App Store.

Features of Say Namaste app.

  •  Up to 50 people can participate in the group video call via Say Namaste. Screen sharing, text mode, file sharing and other features are available in Say Namaste app.
  • Participants can send text messages during a video call. Documents, PDFs, presentations, images and video files can be exchanged through the file sharing feature.
  • Creating and sharing a meeting room is easy in the Sema Namaste app. Click Start or Join.
  • The all servers of Say Namaste is located in India and all entire data transmission is connected to these servers.

Those who initiate the meeting can create their own Meeting ID by name. Those who wish to attend the ongoing meeting can simply click the Join Existing Meeting button and enter the meeting ID. More than 100,000 people have downloaded WhatsApp on Google Playstore. Se Namaste App has a 4.5 rating on the Play Store and App Store.

Download Say Namste app.

This app available for  both Android and iOS based gadget users. Android based smart phone and tablet users can download Namate app from Google Play Store. The iOS based iPhone and iPad users can easily download this app from App store.
Say Namaste program also available on web in your desktop and laptop. The company suggesting use latest version Google Chrome browser for optimum performance.

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