Free calls to any phone and get your 2ndline.

2ndlineMillions of peoples left their home countries for work and study purposes. It is not difficult at this time for them to have contact with friends and relatives in their home country. There are a variety of apps available to help them with that. We have introduced many such apps on this website. That is the motto of this website. But these apps require the internet and smartphone on both sides. In some countries, there are some restrictions on the use of such apps. What’s being introduced here is that there is no other smartphone or internet but you can call this app free. While the internet and smartphone are very familiar today, some people still do not use it. There are elderly people and some housewives, and very few people who are not interested in this. This app can be used to call such people. Expatriates from India now live in various countries of the world for work and other purposes. This app is especially useful for them. Downloading it and registering it will get you 20 minutes free calls to India. It can be used to call any phone in India. You can also make free calls to many other countries. Many people get it again when free minutes are over. Even after a few minutes, you can call at a small rate. Just half-cent for a minute to India, you are charged.

Download 2ndLine app from Play Store.

Another feature of this is that unlimited calls to any phone and mobile in the US and Canada are free. This app also allows you to send unlimited messages to mobile phones in these countries.

The app name is 2ndLine and the main feature of this app is that you get your American phone number. If you have a WiFi connection from anywhere in the world, the calls to this number can be received on your mobile or tab. You can use this number to open accounts in apps like Whatsapp. This number can be used as your second number for personal and work purposes.

This app was launched for people in the US and Canada but it is now available in other countries as well. It is currently only available on Android phones and tabs. Calls to this number can be forwarded to another phone. If you do not use this number for a specified period, this free number will be disconnected, but if you pay a fixed amount monthly, it will be a premium and this number will get permanently and many other benefits. Premium features are is remove ads from your app, voicemail transcription, call forwarding and exclusive support.

How to download the 2ndline app.

Download 2ndLine app is very simple, you will get it from Google Play store. Currently Android version only available. Complete a simple registration process and your free minutes and 2ndLine number. 

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