Beware of those who install video chat apps.

Beware video chat apps.

If you want to use social meeting apps like Skype, Zoom, Webex, and Slack, make sure you use the right app. Cybercriminals lag behind such apps as they are gaining popularity during Lockdown.
Fake apps that are similar to the name of these apps are spreading massively online. Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky warns that many of them contain malware and adware.
Social meeting apps are an easy way for people affected by COVID-19 regulations to interact. Kaspersky experts have examined whether such applications are safe. Ensuing investigation discovered 1,300 documents with names like those of significant applications such as Zoom, WebEx and Slack. Of those 1,300 files, 200 have been identified as security threats, including the most popular adware, such as Deal Ply and Download Sponsor.
This kind of adware and malware can be found in apps that are downloaded from websites outside of the authorized app stores. Adwares are those that serve adverts and display various manipulations. Although adware is not malicious software, it still has a privacy risk.
Skype app is the most abused name of criminals. Kaspersky experts have been able to locate 120,000 suspicious files that use this app’s name. Skype is also the most widely used malware distributor apart from other app names.

The video conferencing app Zoom app users also facing security issues. Cybercriminals can leak information if they use the app safely. It is recommended that the software be updated and the passwords changed at each meeting. The government officials said the zoom app had problems with privacy and security. Zoom App’s servers are in China, like the Tick Talk App.
Businesses and government centers that maintain confidentiality are advised not to use zooms. Hackers reported cases of leaking passwords and hijacking video calls during the Zoom App.¬†Google has restricted the utilization of zoom applications on worker ‘ computers.¬† Teachers in Singapore are also advised not to use the Zoom App. Apple also banned Germany and Taiwan.

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