Why not use WhatsApp ? 5 facts you must know.

Why not use WhatsAppWhatsApp is leading communication app in the world. Actually WhatsApp is safe to use ? Some tech experts say that using  is not advisable. Why not use WhatsApp ? here some interesting facts about this you must know.

Why not use WhatsApp?

If there is any way you should not use WhatsApp. That’s right. Instead the Telegram app is perfect for all types and all points of view than WhatsApp. Not just for online learning. Telegram is more useful and appropriate than WhatsApp for many of the things that are being used inadvertently for government officials. Channels are a feature of the app called Telegram. Telegram is best suited for sending a series of messages, notes, question papers etc. to a group of students.Unlike groups, not all members can send messages on channels. Only the Group Admin (or more specifically designated moderators) has the right to send messages.

Why is WhatsApp Not Good?

The reasons can be summarized as follows:

1. WhatsApp is not a networking app. Since the human race became societies, the goal of progress has been to become more and more large networks. That is how the tribes, villages, towns and religions happened. Printing, radio, telephone, television and the Internet have all helped isolated people and small groups to become bigger networks.

On the Internet itself, the World Wide Web (HTTP – HTML Web Sites and Web Pages) is the epicenter of such network development. Even Facebook and the groups and pages within it are such vast networks. (But email, chat programs, apps, etc., are not accurate).

One of the great features of network-centered apps is that they have almost no end user device dependency. That means there is no need to use the app only if you have a mobile phone or a SIM card number. Instead we can use the app from any computer, under any circumstances, with a login ID and password.

There may be occasions when no one wants to see a message other than the intended one. It may be convenient only on his mobile, but there is no greater story. WhatsApp can be said to be mostly useful for temporary and easy communication between individuals. It was originally launched as a replacement app for SMS and MMS channels.

But why do we  view WhatsApp as a networking app. This is an easy way to forward more messages (often larger file sizes) to many members at once. This is pure nonsense.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people, including the most responsible officials in government and the most skilled professionals in the IT industry, are now using WhatsApp. Government workers are not told. Data and communication are still in the Stone Age. Teachers for college and school are two miles behind it.

2. WhatsApp is not an anti-capitalist, anti-privacy breaching anti-imperialist app. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and it does not expect privacy and information security that is not available on Facebook at corporate level.

3. Automatic linking with the source in WhatsApp is not possible automatically. (Source to Automatic Hyperlinking)

4. A new member of the group does not know the history of the WhatsApp group. This is a huge disadvantage. This is because a newly enrolled member is not aware of the group discussions or events that have taken place. It is common for this to lead to unnecessary gossip, misconceptions and group rifts. Also, if something is shared, including files that are larger in size, they may need to be repeated in the group.

5. WhatsApp messages are saved on the phone itself. Thus the phone memory fills up very quickly. If the settings are incorrect, someone will forward huge video files and other content without our knowledge or consent. Anyone is free to send any and all messages that are relevant or not.

There are many reasons why a person who has the essential common sense with WhatsApp and who has a very good knowledge of the Internet can be very confusing.

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