10 WhatsApp safety tips for protect yourself.


whatsapp safety tipsWhatsApp is the leading communication app in the world. With over a billion users worldwide. Terrorist accounts using WhatsApp, along with scammers, hackers and all sorts of nefarious individuals and groups are always in the popular media. Here are ten WhatsApp safety tips to help make WhatsApp a more secure social media platform.

10 WhatsApp safety tips.

1 For more security, you can choose two-step authentication. Which requires a PIN when registering a phone number with WhatsApp. This is a must for those who use the app regularly

2 Your WhatsApp can be basically protected through Account Settings Privacy Option Here you can secure your personal details. Profile, status, messages and your account visibility.

3 Fortunately, WhatsApp encrypts and secures messages sent from one device to another. This means that your data cannot be intercepted and read. However, you can view the new security notifications. If the contact’s security setting has changed. This is in the Account Security Settings menu.

4 Generally, you cannot add users to your chat list if you do not already have it in your contact list. However, smart scams can make the victim add a contact, so they can email them there using WhatsApp. As with all social platforms, be wary of phishing attacks.

5 Beyond WhatsApp itself, make sure your phone or tablet is securely locked with an access code. Fingerprint, face, or pattern recognition system. from here. If you lose your phone, it will be locked against anyone trying to access it and WhatsApp.

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6 You can block users via WhatsApp Web. Log in to WhatsApp Web and tap the three horizontal dots with your profile picture. Then click Settings and from there click prohibited option. You can select contacts to block WhatsApp.

7 Beware of scams as you are contacted through other social media accounts to inform you that your WhatsApp account has been compromised. This often asks you to add something called a legitimate contact, in fact it is not, or visit a web page full of malware.

8 You can block all images from appearing in your photo stream within WhatsApp. IOS users can see their settings, privacy photos, and uncheck WhatsApp from the list of allowed apps. Android users need to create a file called nomedia inside WhatsApp photo folder to stop the app from listing the photos.

9 If you don’t want to see WhatsAPP Contacts where you are. You need to disable the option to last appear in privacy settings. This prevents other users from “seeing” your moves. Malicious contact must be added. Then they will not know where your area is.

10 It’s always best to use WhatsApp Web to make sure you log out of it correctly before leaving your computer. The last thing you need is for someone to come to your computer and display any personal conversations between you and your contacts.

These are the 10 whatsapp safety tips which helps you to protect from hackers and scammers. Wish a happy and safe WhatsApp experience.

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