Make HD video calls with Zangi app


Do you want to make free video and voice calls in HD quality ? Enjoy HD video calls to your favorite people  in any where in the world and feel they always with you. A mobile app called Zangi gives you  free calling and other lots of features.

What is Zangi app.

Zangi is the mobile application with most advance features . The Zangi is an Armenian company, established in 2009  the year, but the mobile app launched in 2015 after the achievement of good results in several quality tests.
Zangi app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Features of Zangi app.

The main feature of Zangi app is HD quality  video  and voice calls between Zangi apps users. Its the to say good bye to low-resolution and grainy videos , and enjoy free HD Video chats with Zangi app. Zangi gives 720p resolution video calls quality with photo realistic colors and real crystal clear voice.
Zangi app calling works on Voip blocked countries. Several countries blocked internet calling services either by government policies or by internet service providers as apart of competition.
Zangi app allows their users to bypass this blocking by using  latest cutting edge technology.

Zangi app will not drain your mobile battery. Zangi app is  highly optimized to save your smart phone’s resources that will last the battery life considerably longer. Compare to other calling applications Zangi app consumes less energy from you mobile battery.

Security and privacy is the main consideration, when choosing a communication  mobile app. Zangi is one of the most safe and secure calling application because that use  state of art encryption with  multi-layer security.  This strong encryption features never down slow the Zangi app because virtually this will no impact on app performance.

Zangi app can work on slow   internet connectivity of  your phone. You can make normal calls to  your friends without interruption even your internet connection speed  is 8Kbps .

Make calls to non Zangi mobiles and land lines any where in the world with Zangi Out service in cheap coast. Check Zangi Out call charges.

Zangi Callback facility allows you to enjoy calling to friends with much cheaper call rates, if you are not internet connected. Zangi call back  is a easy method , you can do this by following some simple steps.

Call forwarding, support for left-handed users and free incoming calls with Z roaming are the other features of Zangi app.

Download Zangi app

Download Zangi app from Play store for Android mobile and Tablet.
Download Zangi app from App store  for iPhone and iPad

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Google Hangouts , free calling program from Google.

Google hangoutsGoogle Hangouts is a messaging application of Google, the internet giant ,that lets you send and receive messages, photos and more, and even start free video and voice calls – one to one or with a group. Hangouts is the new version of Google talk which was widely used for communication between normal computers and laptops. Smart phones and Tablets become popular and people started using this devices   for communications . Google upgraded Google talk to hangouts when change these trends because hangouts is more supportive in multiple formats and devices.

Features of Google Hangouts.

Make free video and voice calls to other Hangouts users . You can send both Hangouts messages and SMS and easily switch between message types.
You can include your all friends for  group chats up to 100 people.
Send photos , maps, stickers and animated images to your Hangouts friends.

Make group video calls to your friends up to 10 Hangouts friends.

The main feature of Google Hangouts is that works on web browser. That means you will this service on any type of devices and computers. Google Chrome book is Chrome browser based laptop, that not support most of free calling apps. Google Hangouts works perfectly on Chrome book. This program also support Mac OS, Linux desktop and laptop computers.

Normal SMS is the best communication option to contact basic phone users. You can send normal SMS to any phone numbers.

Stay connected  with Hangouts friends across Android, iOS and the web, and sync chats across all of your devices. You can send  message friends any time, even if friends  offline.
Google also launched another app named Google Duo for free video and voice calls.
Read more about Google duo.

Download Google Hangouts.

Down load Hangouts for Android from Google play store.
Download Hangouts for iPhone and iPad from itunes.
Get Hangouts  Crhome plugin

Watch a video about Hangout.