Make free calls with TrueCaller voice .

truecaller voice

The TrueCaller Company has officially launched it’s latest application feature for making calls through a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that named truecaller voice. This application allows the users to make voice call easier by providing free, high-quality, low latency and quick connection audio calls with the use of good internet connection via Mobile data or
Wi-Fi network.

The company intends to provide full fledged communication experience to its 140 million users all across the world. With TrueCaller, communication will stay more safe and efficient.

Use of TrueCaller App.

In the official release, the company has stated that new features for TrueCaller will be available on June 10 for Android devices. This app helps to identify spam calls by tracing callers ID and place of origin. It also provides SMS inbox, Caller ID, mobile payments, chat box, intelligent dialer and full details of contact with their profile.  With these feature, users can enjoy safe communication all the time.

Features of TrueCaller voice.

Always available
Communication should not be limited by time and distance. TrueCaller app have made solution to allow communication to be limitless anytime and anywhere. With the help of Internet connection, users can now access free voice call.

HD voice call
TrueCaller provides high-definition (HD) voice calling which offers clearer, vibrant and natural sounding audio. This feature ensures that users will have a better experience in transmitting information in communicating.

Avoid Spam Calls
Spam calls are unregistered, irrelevant and inappropriate calls that can cause harm to its receiver. All important information can be at risk with this dangerous call. TrueCaller have come across to an action in helping users to avoid taking spam calls. This app traces Caller ID and its place of origin that gives confidence to the users to take the call safely.

How to access TrueCaller

Smartphones are now exploring its freedom in different applications. Users can easily acquire varieties of apps in a snap of a finger. Same thing with TrueCaller, users can download it on play store and install it in their smartphones. Launch the application and enjoy free, high quality and safe voice calls.

Download TrueCaller App.
Download TrueCaller app for Android based Smart phones and Tabs from Google Playstore. The iOS based iPhone and iPad users can download the Truecaller from Apple’s App store.

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