Skype app for free video and voice calls.

skype app

What is Skype ?

Skype app is a messenger program for communication in different platforms and devices. It allows you to do free text, free call, free video calls , free file transfer between Skype users etc. The Skype app also allows you to make free and Cheap calls to mobile and land line.Briefly Skype is the best option for us to talk to the family members and friends in different parts of the world and can make call to their phones for less money. Skype is currently owned by Microsoft.


How to use Skype ?

Using Skype app is simple by download Skype app or programme, download for devices or computer from or app stores. Create a free Skype id and add your friends contacts and start free calling.

Which platforms supports Skype ?

Skype supports wide range of platforms and devices and mobile phones. You can use Skype in Android Mobiles, iPhone, Windows phone , black berry , Nokia and Amazon Fire phone.
Apple iPad , android , windows and kindle fire HD tablets also support Skype versions.
Desktop and laptop computers version of Skype are available for Windows. Mac and Linux operating systems.
You can even use Skype on gaming consoles as Xbox , play station and iPod touch.
The most wonderful thing is Skype available nowadays in your land phone and smart tv also.

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What is features of Skype app ?

The main feature of Skype is free voice and video calls within Skype users. This is possible between any Skype supporting devices. The quality of service also deepends on internet network and device specifications. Free text , video massaging and chatting is another most using Skype service.
Make calls to mobiles and land lines world in low rates.
Make group calls by add up to 25 peoples together on one call.
Skype number helps your friends call to a number wherever you are in the world and pickup on your Skype.
You can forward Skype calls to any phone.
Skype also provides send files, screen sharing, group screen sharing and send contacts features.

Download Skype app

You can download Skype for different platforms and devices by click here.

Howto make Video calls and voice calls with Skype app ?
Watch a video tutorial.

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