Chatsim- International sim for chat apps.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Telegram, Wechat and many more – We have a lot of instant messenger apps around us.Have you ever thought of connecting all your chat apps into one entity?
Do you  need connect  to chat apps in your smart phone , wherever in the world without Wifi network ?
Do you want save huge roaming data charges for use chat apps ?
Then you are at the right place.
ChatSim is the right solution for you.

What is ChatSim?

ChatSim is basically a sim card that helps you to send unlimited text messages and emojis to any instant messaging apps. It’s a dedicated sim for all your chatting purposes – be it messages, emojis, images or videos.You can travel all over the world, and still send unlimited free messages with ChatSim. This  service is available in more than 150 countries around the world.

How does it work?

ChatSim connects you to the operator with the best network strength in the area and you can start exchanging unlimited text messages and images with anyone in the world. It also guarantees very high 3G and 4G speeds. This can be used in any smart phones of your choice and is available in all Sim sizes – regular, micro and nano. It supports all operating Systems – android, iOS or windows.

How to purchase Chat Sim?

You can visit their  website to  purchase  online. You can also buy it from an authorized dealer.

The cost  is 12 US dollar . This is one time activation charge. For unlimited chat service you need to pay another $12  on an annual basis. There are also optional recharges for availing the services of multimedia data sharing and calling.
Once you have paid the money online, the sim card kit will be shipped to your address. Sim activation is done through website. Once you receive your sim, go to the ACTIVATE tab in website and enter your ChatSim number and Sim Card Identifier (normally 19 or 20 digit number). Now you are ready to go. You can insert your Sim in any smart phone.

With ChatSim, you never need to worry about roaming costs. You can travel all over the world, and still send unlimited free messages with ChatSim. This service is available in more than 150 countries around the world. Wherever you go, it connects your phone with network provider providing the best signal quality in that area. ChatSim can connect you to more than 250 operators around the world. So wherever you go, you have the best speed for keeping in touch with your friends and relatives.
For sending multimedia messages, you need to purchase a multimedia credit pack separately. Countries with ChatSim service are divided into six zones. Credit pack varies for different zones. These details are given in the Website. So you need to choose a credit pack according to your requirement and the zone in which you belong. With these multimedia credit packs, you would be able to share videos, photos or make calls with your friends around the world.
So gone are those days, you used to pay heavy bills for staying in touch with your friends and relatives around the world. Get ChatSim in your Smartphone at the earliest and enjoy unlimited messaging at the best speeds wherever you go.
ChatSim can also be purchased from Amazon online store.

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