Free calling apps for Blackberry.

free_calling_for_blackberryBlackberry devices are designed and marketed by Blackberry ltd. Blackberry phones available in different models like qwerty keyboard, multi touch screen, virtual keyboard etc.  Blackberry devices are helpful to make web browsing , email messaging and instant messaging. By using these devices you can record video , play music and take photos.
Blackberry devices are the best option for use messenger apps and make free calling . Blackberry  Messenger , also known as  BBM is the communication application of Blackberry company.  This application launched exclusively for Blackberry device and this is the one of the main attraction of these devices. Later BBM became  a cross platform app , currently available on Android , IOS and Windows mobile.
Blackberry devices using their own operating system named Blackberry OS. The good time of Blackberry almost over as a reflect of this Blackberry OS was discontinued  new developments , but Blackberry giving support to this operating system.

BBM is the main free calling apps for Blackberry devices. You can also use some other major free calling apps in Blackberry devices . These apps are  available on Blackberry world , the app store  of  Blackberry devices.
The list of free calling apps for Blackberry devices are given below.

skypeSkype is a leading application for communication , that supports Blackberry devices. It allows you to do free text, free call, free video calls , free file transfer between Skype users etc. The Skype also allows you to make free and Cheap calls to mobile and land line.Briefly Skype is the best option for us to talk to the family members and friends in different parts of the world and can make call to their phones for less money. Skype is currently owned by Microsoft.
Read more about Skype .     Download Skype for Blackberry.

nimbuzzNimbuzz is a program for  calling and messaging  for the connected generation , that available in Blackberry devices. Nimbuzz helps you to send messages, make audio and video calls, share  images, audio, video files and virtual gifts from your Blackberry.
Read more about Nimbuzz. .     Download  Nimbuzz  for Blackberry.

lineLINE is a new communication another app that supports Blackberry devises, Line app allows you to make FREE voice calls and send FREE messages whenever and wherever you are, 24 hours a day from your Blackberry devices.
Read more about Line app.     Download  Line  for Blackberry.

TangoTango is an application which helps you to make messages and calls from your Blackberry device .Via Tango you can send messages ,make free video calls and voice calls,share photos and play games.
Read more about Tango app.     Download  Tango  for Blackberry.

Wechat enhances the field of communication through its wide variety of services. Wechat allows you to connect your friends and families and you can enjoy your leisure time  with them. Wechat services includes free text SMS , free video and voice calls, share photos and  games etc.
Read more about Wechat app.     Download  Wechat  for Blackberry.

viberViber is  one of the leading  communication program using world wide for making video and voice free calls. Viber app available for Blackberry devices.  Viber offers high quality phone and video free calls, send text , photo and video messages worldwide to any Viber users without any cost.
Read more about Viber app.     Download Viber for Blackberry

yahooYahoo messenger is the communication program of Yahoo, one of the leading internet company. It provides free voice and video calls, free text chat,file transfers, webcam hosting and text messaging service.
Read more about Yahoo Messenger.     Download Yahoo Messenger for Blackberry

hikehike messenger is a communication application from  India that supports Blackberry.You can make absolutely free calls in over 200 countries as long as your friends are using hike in their smart phones.
Read more about hike Messenger.     Download hike Messenger for Blackberry.

Now days the presence of Blackberry devices are comparatively less than other devices in the market. But , a major number of Blackberry fans still using Blackberry devices proudly for communication. This article will be very useful for those who interested to make free calls from their Blackberry devices.



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