Hitalk Messenger, free international and local calls.

hitalk-messengerHiTalk messenger, also known as “HiTalk International Phone Call and Messages” is a free international calling and messaging app. You can send message and calls to anyone nearby and worldwide by using this HiTalk application. It has some prominent features like a live walkie-talkie, image texting, and sticker support. HiTalk Messenger application was launched by Mo+ Inc. It was launched in the last on the year 2013. Being a calling and texting application, it a very needy app thus, it is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. It has a rating of 3.9/5 Stars on Play Store and 3.8/5 Stars on Apple Store.

This application allows its user to call and text anyone around the globe for free. Actually, it charges in the form of some credits provided to the account in this application. When the credit balance is over or low you have to earn this credit to continue using this service.
Earning credit methods clearly mentioned in the app. On reading the reviews provided by users who have installed the HiTalk messenger app and have used it.

Features Of Hitalk Messenger Application.

HiTalk Messenger is a prominent application for international calling and messaging. It provides some top features to its users that makes it a more reliable application.
Below mentioned the main features of Hitalk Messenger.

1) International calling and texting Support: This is the main feature of this app. You can call and text to anyone residing any side of the equator, all you have to do is to use this app.
2) High Quality of Calling: This app provides a better quality while calling that makes it a better option than any other application
3) Earn Free Credits and Call Unlimited: You can earn credit by doing some simple stuff. While calling and texting this earned credit balance will be deducted at some definite rate.
4) Online Walkie-talkie with family and friends: We can actually do live walkie-talkie with your family members and friend like we used to do in past.
5) Multimedia Messaging Support: This app has Multimedia texting supports. So, you can send a multimedia message to anyone that includes images, music and even stickers.

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Negative issues of Hitalk Messenger.

We came to know about the fact that there is also some minor issue with this application. These are under:
1) Sometimes, the points earned for Calling and Texting aren’t delivered to the user’s account.
2) Sometimes, the call gets disconnects automatically.
3) Sometimes, the app fails to connect to the international call server.
4) Sometimes, the call quality goes terribly low
5) Sometimes, Sent Messages aren’t reached on the other side.

Howto use Hitalk Messenger ?

The using process of Hitalk application is quite simple. After downloading the application, all you have do is to follow the steps given below to use HiTalk app efficiently and effectively.
The steps are as follows:
Step: 1) Open the Hitalk Application and follow the registration procedure.
Step: 2) Select your Country zone and enter your phone number. They will verify the number and then the main service will start.
Step: 3) To make calls, select the second tab from the upper corner and dial the number you want to call. Then, press the call button. Step: 4) To send messages, select the third tab from the upper corner and choose the contact you want to message on. Then, press the send button.
Step: 5) If you go out of credit, then you can earn it by downloading some provided app or by inviting friends to download this application.

Download Hitalk Messenger.

Download Hitalk Messenger for Android from Google Play store.
Download Hitalk Messenger for iOS from Apple app store.

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