Make free calls with TrueCaller voice .

truecaller voice

The TrueCaller Company has officially launched it’s latest application feature for making calls through a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that named truecaller voice. This application allows the users to make voice call easier by providing free, high-quality, low latency and quick connection audio calls with the use of good internet connection via Mobile data or
Wi-Fi network.

The company intends to provide full fledged communication experience to its 140 million users all across the world. With TrueCaller, communication will stay more safe and efficient.

Use of TrueCaller App.

In the official release, the company has stated that new features for TrueCaller will be available on June 10 for Android devices. This app helps to identify spam calls by tracing callers ID and place of origin. It also provides SMS inbox, Caller ID, mobile payments, chat box, intelligent dialer and full details of contact with their profile.  With these feature, users can enjoy safe communication all the time.

Features of TrueCaller voice.

Always available
Communication should not be limited by time and distance. TrueCaller app have made solution to allow communication to be limitless anytime and anywhere. With the help of Internet connection, users can now access free voice call.

HD voice call
TrueCaller provides high-definition (HD) voice calling which offers clearer, vibrant and natural sounding audio. This feature ensures that users will have a better experience in transmitting information in communicating.

Avoid Spam Calls
Spam calls are unregistered, irrelevant and inappropriate calls that can cause harm to its receiver. All important information can be at risk with this dangerous call. TrueCaller have come across to an action in helping users to avoid taking spam calls. This app traces Caller ID and its place of origin that gives confidence to the users to take the call safely.

How to access TrueCaller

Smartphones are now exploring its freedom in different applications. Users can easily acquire varieties of apps in a snap of a finger. Same thing with TrueCaller, users can download it on play store and install it in their smartphones. Launch the application and enjoy free, high quality and safe voice calls.

Download TrueCaller App.
Download TrueCaller app for Android based Smart phones and Tabs from Google Playstore. The iOS based iPhone and iPad users can download the Truecaller from Apple’s App store.

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Rebtel app, liberate international calling.

rebtel app

Rebtel app is a calling program  that gives you a way to make free calls between Rebtel users and international calls at low rates.  Rebtel  do this by getting your call away from your telephone network and onto the internet.

Rebtel app offers a  local numbers for your international contacts, which you can call as normal. You just pay your phone operator for a local call and use little Rebtel credit , that is enough for make a  international call. This means that a Rebtel call is same like any other international call but cheaper.


Features of Rebtel app.

Rebtel offers  unlimited free calls and massages to other  Rebtel users around the world. The main feature of Rebtel is  international calls to any mobiles and land line in very attractive rates.  Rebtel offering different  types  special call packages to all popular countries. This packages helps you to make international calls  in low rates which  never see anywhere.
Rebtel app using latest technologies for process your calls and that assure all calls in very clear voice quality.

You never need pay money for test Rebtel offering qualities.  The Rebtel offering free 10 minutes trial calls , use it and feel the real Rebtel experience

Rebtel app supports iPhone,iPad, Android mobile and Tablets, Windows Phone  formats. . Rebtel online calling service works with any other phone, land line or mobile.

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Rebtel app deals.

Rebtel offers special deal packages to selected countries. These  packages helps you to save more on calling expenses. please visit rates section in the website or app for more details.

Download Rebtel application.

Download Rebtel for Android.
Down load Rebtel for iPhone.
Download Rebtel for iPad.
Download Rebtel for Windows phone.


Libon app for free voice calls.

libon app

Libon is a communication application for iPhone and  Android , that provides  free calls, chat and voicemail . Libon app works on web too. Libon offers free calling minutes to call mobile and Land line.

Features of Libon app.

Free instant messages  to all your Libon contacts .
Unlimited free  calls to all Libon app users without any country barrier.
Customized voicemail for each of your contacts , that you can either record or type.
You can see all of your voicemails in a single glance, and choose which one you want to listen to first. Libon free calls are also  available to normal mobiles, that is called
LibonOut, this is the cheap calling option   to more than 100 destinations all over the world .  You can  use free minutes and  buy credit to make this calls.

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How to earn free Libon Out minutes?

You can now earn up to 120 minutes of free calls every month, simply by inviting your friends to Libon.  You will be rewarded free 30 minutes each time when one of your friends joins you on Libon. With these minutes, you will be able to call landlines and mobiles in more than 100 destinations around the world.

How does it work ?

For each contact joining you on Libon app, you will be automatically rewarded with 30 minutes for calling to mobiles and land lines. You need to have the phone number of your contact joining you in your address book, and they need to have your number in their address book as well.

To win more free minutes of Libon Out calls, invite your friends to Libon:

Find “Explore” menu in your Libon application and select “Get free minutes” and click “Invite your friends”.
Select the contacts you wish to invite via SMS , this will charge normal charges. You may as well just talk about Libon, if your friends and family create their Libon accounts, you will be  rewarded without any other actions.
Libon app  will send you  a notification when your friends join the Libon community by message and email.

Libon will be rewarded 30 free minutes for each your invited guested create their own Libon app accounts.

Download Libon app

Download Libon for Android from Google play store.
Down load Libon for iPhone from iTunes store.
Download Libon for iPad from iTunes store.

Nimbuzz app for free calls from all devices.

nimbuzz appNimbuzz app is a program for  calling and messaging  for the connected generation. Nimbuzz app helps you to send messages, make audio and video calls, share  images, audio, video files and virtual gifts to their contacts. It also offers next generation group chat and Chat rooms and you can create your own Chat room.

Which platforms supports Nimbuzz app?

Nimbuzz  supports wide range of platforms and devices and mobile phones. Enjoy Nimbuzz free calls in Android Mobiles, iPhone, Windows phone , black berry , Nokia Symbian  , Amazon and Java mobiles.
Apple iPad , android , windows and kindle fire HD tablets also support Nimbuzz versions.
Desktop and laptop computers version of Nimbuzz  available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Nimbuzz app features.

Free unlimited voice calls to other Nimbuzz app users in anywhere and any device. You can send  free messages to any Nimbuzz app users.
Group chat is the feature that help  you to enjoy group conversations by sending text messages to your contacts in a single group
Express yourself by send super cool sticker packs.
Nimbuzz lets you connect with your Facebook and Gtalk contacts , meet all in a single app.
Join Nimbuzz chat rooms and descover new friends.  NimbuzzOUT is cheap calling service of Nimbuzz, that provides cheap international calls to any mobile and land line.
You can connect any SIP provider account in Nimbuzz and enjoy low cost international calls.
Share photos, documents, music and videos  quickly with all your Nimbuzz friends.
Use Nimbuzz popular chat buddies for Cricket, Astrology, Meet a Stranger, Jokes, Games.
Also enjoy Custom chat wallpaper, N-world, Virtual Goods, Free Avatars, Games and more.

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How to setup  Nimbuzz ?

  1. Download Nimbuzz and install it.
  2. Click the “I don’t have a Nimbuzz account” link at the bottom of your Buddy List to launch the Nimbuzz account setup assistant.
  3. The Nimbuzz account setup assistant will launch. Fill out the Nimbuzz account application, then click “Next” to continue setting up your Nimbuzz IM client.
  4. After signing up for a newNimbuzz account, users will be prompted to set-up IM accounts to their new Nimbuzz IM client.To add IM accounts, click the arrow button across from each desired IM client, enter your username and continue until you have added all the IM clients desired. Click “Next” to continue setting up your Nimbuzz IM client.
  5. Nimbuzz users will be prompted to customize Nimbuzz personal preference options. Among these Nimbuzz options include automatic launch upon Windows startup, password memory and showing offline contacts.
    6.After selecting your preferences, click “Finish” to exit the Nimbuzz setup assistant panel.
    You are now ready to use Nimbuzz IM Client.

Download Nimbuzz messenger.

Download Nimbuzz for different types of Devices and platforms by visit Nimbuzz download page.

A video about Nimbuzz.

Visit for more.

Dingtone app for make free international calls.

dingtone appDingtone app is a free calls  application for  making unlimited free phone calls, send free text messages, and instantly share pictures, videos, and your location with friends, family members and other Dingtone users. All communication between Dingtone users is entirely free.
Dingtone is simple and fast application because.there is no complicated registration process and no need to remember username or password . Even no need create buddy list more.

Dingtone app is available for Android and IOS.

Features of Dingtone app

Free Calls and Free Texting is the main feature of Dingtone . You can make unlimited free phone calls to anyone over WiFi or data network without using any cell minutes. Just Invite your family members and friends to use Dingtone , then enjoy calls and free SMS.

Make free and cheap international Calls to any mobile and landline phone numbers around the world with Dingtone. Earn your free minutes with simple activities or make with very low rates. The activities are such like daily check in, watching videos, accept simple and easy offers, inviting friends etc. Spent little time for these activities, then you will get points to make free international calls.
Dingtone app offers virtual phone numbers from different countries. You will get phone numbers from UK, US, Canada and from other countries.  Simply receive phone calls to this number from anywhere in the world.  You can use this number also your caller identity. You smart phone or tablet become same like normal phone without sim card, just need a wifi connection only.
Dingtone offers good quality for free calls and other calls by using latest technologies.
Dingtone offers free calls and texts to your Facebook friends.
Free group calls and conference calls are other  good features of Dingtone. Use push to talk facility and turn your phone same like walkie talkie.

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Download Dingtone app.

Downlaod Dingtone for Android.
Download Dingtone for iPhone and iPad.

A video about Dingtone.

Visit Dingtone website for more.

nanu app offer free calling to anywhere.

nanu appNanu app is a mobile communication program that helps you to make free calls between nanu users even on 2G.
nanu also offering free calling to mobile and land lines to selected countries around the world.
Now nanu app works only on android phones, but the company planing to  work on most other phones. The company offers nanu doesn’t need a speed network like other apps and it works on 2g and slow networks.

How to get nanu app free calling minutes ?

Just share nanu with your friends and nanu will reward you  10 free minutes for every contact you shares. Tap on the share button on nanu’s top bar to share nanu with your contacts via SMS or via your social network. This means you can enjoy unlimited free calls to other nanu users, and also earn free minutes to call mobile and land lines in selected countries .Check for know countries which nanu offers free calls . Your account will be credited once your contact has downloaded and successfully registered nanu.

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How to make call from nanu app?

1. Choose the country code when you dial a number. Also  go to your nanu contacts menu and tap to call.
2. You need a mobile  internet or WiFi  connection  when you call nanu to other phones and the one you are calling doesn’t need one.
3. Both you and your contact need an internet connection to call other nanu friends.
4. Make sure that your contact has a registered nanu app to call nanu tonanu

Download nanu app

Download nanu for Android from Google play store.

Please note- Nanu app currently not available on Google play. The nanu website also not active now.
A video about nanu

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