nanu app offer free calling to anywhere.

nanu appNanu app is a mobile communication program that helps you to make free calls between nanu users even on 2G.
nanu also offering free calling to mobile and land lines to selected countries around the world.
Now nanu app works only on android phones, but the company planing to  work on most other phones. The company offers nanu doesn’t need a speed network like other apps and it works on 2g and slow networks.

How to get nanu app free calling minutes ?

Just share nanu with your friends and nanu will reward you  10 free minutes for every contact you shares. Tap on the share button on nanu’s top bar to share nanu with your contacts via SMS or via your social network. This means you can enjoy unlimited free calls to other nanu users, and also earn free minutes to call mobile and land lines in selected countries .Check for know countries which nanu offers free calls . Your account will be credited once your contact has downloaded and successfully registered nanu.

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How to make call from nanu app?

1. Choose the country code when you dial a number. Also  go to your nanu contacts menu and tap to call.
2. You need a mobile  internet or WiFi  connection  when you call nanu to other phones and the one you are calling doesn’t need one.
3. Both you and your contact need an internet connection to call other nanu friends.
4. Make sure that your contact has a registered nanu app to call nanu tonanu

Download nanu app

Download nanu for Android from Google play store.

Please note- Nanu app currently not available on Google play. The nanu website also not active now.
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