TamTam Messenger, a super app from Russia.

tamtam messengerTamTam messenger is a world simplest communication App developed for free chatting, messaging and video calling. This powerful application is a creation of Odnoklassniki Ltd. Its installation is easy just visit their website and download the link for the latest version. They provide original and approved APK files which vary with different devices like Android, windows, mobile and PCs. Moreover you can download APK file of this messenger and run it on android emulators like big nox app player. It uses a variety of languages, and has good rating of up to 4.2 out 5 on Google play store. Tam-Tam messenger has an age limitation, you must be 17 years and above to download the app. This app is flexible as it works on slow internet connection. They provide lots of stickers, to prescribe all your emotions.

Features of TamTam Messenger.

No passwords: there are no special passwords needed to access the TamTam Messenger. You only use your phone number to begin a conversation. No ads: the app doesn’t allow traffic and adverts pop ups in the middle of charts, such ads irritate user.

Free call, videos and texting: TamTam messenger offers free services thus attracting many users. The call and videos are clear and display nice images.

Popularity: this app has gained popularity with more than 250 million users.

Just type the name of friend to start chatting.

Available on web version and PCs: you don’t need mobile device to use this messenger, it also works on laptops, PCs and web browsers.

Offline access: you can still check chat history and watch videos which were sent while connection was on. Messages and chat that sent while you were off will pop in once internet is connected. None of them delete or delay once open.

Group chats: you can host many people on your group, and create new one at you will with no restriction. Stickers: they have great stickers to express your feeling and emotion. They are thousand in numbers and will work well here words can’t express.

Privacy terms: TamTam messenger helps block users you are not familiar with. Replying: you reply to chat with a simple swipe to the left side. Channels: you have freedom to private channel and can create your own. Admin: groups can chat people who are not on your contact list.

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How to use TamTam Messenger

Download TamTam messenger by visit your Google play store or Apple app store. Search for TamTam messenger free chats and videos. ( pick the original version ) Press install for the process to begin. Although it has a big size give it time to load. Finally it install and gives a tab written open click on it and have fun with friends on TamTam messenger. To continue enjoying this service you can sign using your phone number or Google account.

Download TamTam Messenger.

For Computer.

Download TamTam Messenger for Windows Computer.
Download Tam Tam Messenger for Mac Computer.
Download TamTam Messenger for 32bit Linux  Computer.64bit Linux computer.

For Mobile.

Download Android version from Google Play store.
Download iOS version from Apple app store.



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