Threema app, internet calling is now more secure.

Threema appAre you worried about your privacy? Not making internet calls. Don’t worry,  I am introducing one of the most secure communication app named Threema.  This wonderful app designed for people, who want more privacy and security. Threema app offers free calls, chats and other features in high security.

What is Threema Messenger?

Threema is a secure messenger program from Switzerland.  Are you wonder about this name? I will explain to you what is it. “EEEMA”, is the full form of “End to End Encrypted Messaging Application”, that is the secure communication technology name. But three “E”s not good looking, so it changed to “Threema”.

What are the features of Threema Messenger?

Enjoy all basic features in Threema same like other messenger apps. You can make free voice calls to other Threema users. Send voice and text messages, photos, videos animated GIFs, locations and any types of files.

Security is the main feature of Threema app and saving very little data only on the server. Threema using two layers of encryption for security, one is using between both users and other one is using the app and the servers. I am not writing more technical details because that may bore for you. Both of these ensure the ultimate security for your communication.

Anonymity is the other main interesting feature of Threema app. You will get a random Threema ID after creating an account. This app never asks you to enter your email address and mobile number like other apps. That will ensure the misuse of your personal details. Nowadays even Whatsapp going to share their data on Facebook for commercial purpose.
Threema available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile phones. You can also use it on Blackberry and Amazon Kindle fire with some limitations.
Threema web available for computers, but you need an active mobile version to use this like WhatsApp and imo.
Threema app is currently available in English, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, French, Dutch, Italian, Romansh, Russian and Spanish languages. Polish language available for Threema Android application. The Threema web supports English and German languages only.

Verify your friend’s contacts by scanning QR code instead of entering their Threema ID. Using this secure way helps you to prevent third-party attacks, and make sure to chat with the real person.Groups and list of contacts are fully managed on your devices, messages are instantly deleted once delivered. This method makes sure nobody collecting the metadata.

Switzerland is the home country of Threema. This company is self-financed and 100% independent with its own servers and software development.

How to get Threema app?

Download Threema app from Google Play store, Apple app store or Windows store as paid app. You can also buy a license from Threema store. Download apk file from Threema store and use license after installing it. You will get a unique Threema ID after complete installation and initial setup.

Please note- Threema is not a free app, they charging equel to $3 as a license fee. You need to pay this on downloading time and after that all services are free.

Download Threema app.

Download Threema app from Google Play Store.
Download Threema app from Apple App Store.
Download Threema app for Windows mobile.
Buy from Threema Shop.
Access Threema web.

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