FreedomPop mobile service, enjoy free voice and data.

freedompop mobile serviceTired of being subscribed to mediocre mobile service provider? Try FREEDOMPOP. It is tailor made for users like you who are fed up with pretty poor quality mobile services.

Features of FreedomPop mobile service.

FreedomPop mobile service offers 100% Free Basic Plan with 500 texts, 200 minutes, and 500MB each month. Unlike other wireless mobile network service providers it offers premium unlimited Plans up to 80% off other carriers.
FreedomPop mobile service has its own network of roughly 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the US. This makes Wifi calling and texting free from anywhere. It can access over 8 million hotspots with nationwide roaming. It can provide free international calling from over 60 countries.
FreedomPoP mobile service facilitates free unlimited calling & texting between FreedomPop phones.
FreedomPop  mobile service assigns a virtual number to all its subscribers. This virtual number can be used to communicate among FreedomPop users all over the world.
FreedomPop enables users to earn free 4G LTE data every month by adding friends. This is just like an icing on a cake. By completing partner offers you can earn unlimited free data.
FreedomPop mobile service aims to reduce its costs by sending as much traffic as it can over Wifi networks rather than mobile networks. This happens due to widening the range of Wifi hot spots implemented by them. So people can utilize this facility to make free Wifi calls among their friends. FreedomPop mobile service does not require the subscribers to follow the guidelines of any contract or commitment. People can cancel their subscription whenever they want.

FreedomPop mobile service plans.

FreedomPop is compatible with all unlocked Sprint CDMA devices and offers low cost affordable plans. It is one of the only carriers on the market that offers a truly free plan as long as the users do not exceed their monthly limits.
Even if subscribers exceed their monthly data plan, they can save substantial amount of money charged as phone bills.
Get your 100% Free Mobile Phone Service now.
FreedomPop customers can upgrade to the Premium Voice package by pay nominal monthly fee. This feature will allow customers to use the Sprint Cellular network in areas where there is a weak signal.
Among other wireless mobile network competitors, FreedomPop  is a new player or venture in the mobile phone network space and relies on towers from big giants like Sprint to ensure reliable nationwide coverage. People are paying $60 per month for unlimited service to sprint wireless network providers. With the same nationwide coverage as Sprint, people are saving big when switching over to FreedomPop’s premium packages by pay per month, unlimited talk, text, and different GB data plans after the free data cycle given each month.
People can avail considerable amount of benefit for paying phone bills. It is a completely free monthly service for people who prefer smaller plans. By “Bring Your Own Device” program FreedomPop service tends to spread their network among people. A special provision is made on its website to enter the user’s phone specification to facilitate this.
In April 2016, FreedomPop released phones in their own label. For light data plan users, FreedomPop is the best wireless mobile network service provider out there in the market.

FreedomPop mobile app.

FreedomPop mobile service available on United States, Spain, UK and  Mexico. But anybody can enjoy FreedomPop services with mobile app. That offering free calls and messages between FreedomPop users. Download FreedomPop for Android from Google Play store and iOS app from Apple app store.

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