Zalo app, the popular messenger in Vietnam.

zalo appZalo app is a messenger from Vietnam, the south-east Asian country. Vietnam is famous because of its active presence in the world war. The gorilla attack of Vietnam people beat the powerful American military in the world war age,  however this is not the place to describe the history.
Let’s talk about the Zalo app. This app is created by VNG, a Vietnamese company, and the creator of famous Zing mp3, Zing me and Zing game. The app launched on 2013 as a substitute of Zing me, the messenger app of the same company. Earlier they decided the name Zing Talk, later, they launched a brand new app Zalo with its fabulous features. The Zalo app was designed and focused for Vietnamese people. Now Zalo is the most popular communication app in Vietnam because of its own special features.

More than 50 million Android users had already downloaded Zalo app from Google play store. The rating of Zalo app in Google play store is 4.2 out of 5, which is good. Zalo app is available for iPhone, iPad, Windows phone and Nokia Java phones. The desktop versions of Zalo are available for Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu computers and also for web browsers.

Features of Zalo app.

Free calls to other Zalo users are the main feature of this app. You can make free voice calls over WiFi, 4G, 3G and even 2G networks. You can send messages to your Zalo friends when you are in a voice call.
Make stable video calls to other Zalo friends and feel their presence.
Official account feature works like a channel in other messengers.
The famous artists and brands have their own official account in Zalo.
You can follow their official account and get updated with their news and creations. The stickers in the Vietnamese language is the unique feature of this app. The team of Vietnamese designers created wonderful stickers for Zalo.
You can find new friends by using the “Find you around” it functions also on Facebook, you can friends to invite and chat with friends.
Send clear voice messages to Zalo friends without any outside noises.
Zalo chat and group chat helps you connect with friends. Send messages easily to individual and to a group without efforts. You can integrate your social media accounts like Facebook and Google. Enjoy everything in a single app.
Zalo app guarantees high-level privacy on your conversations and files. Zalo absolutely does not allow users to display the user’s phone number on the user’s personal information. Phone numbers are only shown when users and friends have saved their phone numbers in the contacts.
Create a photo album and share your unforgettable moments in your life. This is the latest feature of Zalo app and very easy to do. Introducing Group board is another new feature that help you view group notices, polls, reminders and better relationship with other group members.

Features of Zalo app in short.

Zalo is a multimedia chat application, with outstanding features:
– Send text messages accompanied by animated expressions.
– Send voice messages, with up to 5 minutes of messages.
– Send a 15-second video message.
– Share location while messaging.
– Free calls (only supported on iOS, Android, Windows Phone).
– Draw pictures, play games, chat group, share pictures on personal page.

zalo app

How to register Zalo app.

Users use their own personal phone number to register and activate, you can create Zalo account by following these steps:
– Enter the phone number to get an activation code from Zalo Switch (from SMS or from the operator)
– Use activation code to activate Zalo account
– After entering the account activation code successfully, users can go to the Account Management section (go to Add -> select Account Management -> Password Settings) to create or change the password. Export
* Note: the activation code is also your Zalo password; you absolutely do not provide the activation code to others to avoid losing the account.

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How to block and unblock friends in Zalo chat.

On the message screen, users click Menu on the right corner -> Block this person option to block you from sending messages.
To remove a friend from the message block list, the user enters the Add Menu (Settings) -> Privacy -> select Block you to send the message, remove you from the block list.

Download Zalo app

For mobile.

Download Zalo app for Android from Google play store.
Download for iPhone and iPad from Apple app store.
Download Zalo app for Windows phone.
Download Zalo app for Nokia Java. Keyboard  Touch

For computer.

Download Zalo app for Windows computer.
Access Zalo for web browsers.

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