Free calling apps for Kindle Fire

free_calling_apps_for_kindleThe Kindle Fire is a tablet computer  of  Built with Quanta Computer, the Kindle Fire was announced on September 28, 2011. This is running in a custom version of Google’s Android operating system called Fire OS. The device which includes access to the Amazon App store, streaming  TV shows and other videos etc.

Amazon developed Fire OS  from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). But this is totally different from Android operating system. The deep customization may hide the truth from you which Fire OS build from Android.

Apps which available in Google play store for Android not support Fire OS based Kindle devices. Exclusive apps for Kindle devices are available on and Amazone app store. Top free and paid Android apps and games are unavailable for Kindle devices .

Kindle devices are  much better in other types of contents. Fire OS based Kindle devices and Fire phone support for Amazon’s video library, this is  still unavailable on regular Android devices. You can listen and enjoy from the wide  selection of music with cloud storage. Do you like  to read on a smartphone, kindle fire devices are best option for you. You can access wide rage of Amazon’s eBook collection in these devices .
The list of Kindle  devices are mentioned below  in order it was came out to market.

  •  Kindle Fire 7″  This is the First Generation , released on 2011
  •  Kindle Fire 7″  Second Generation , released on 2012
  •  Kindle Fire HD 7″  Second Generation, released on 2012
  •  Kindle Fire HD 8.9″  Second Generation with 4G option , came on 2012
  •  Kindle Fire HD 7″ Third Generation, released on 2013
  •  Kindle Fire HDX 7″  Third Generation with 4G option,came on 2013
  •  Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″  Third Generation with 4G option,on 2013
  •  Kindle Fire HD 6″   Fourth Generation ,released on 2014
  • 2014 – Kindle Fire HD 7″  Fourth Generation, released on 2014
  • 2014 – Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ Fourth Generation with 4G option, on 2014

You can make free calls from Kindle Fire devices and Fire phone. Some major free calling providers are developed Fire OS version of their free calling apps.

The free calling apps for Kindle Fire and Fire OS devices are described below. You can download apps from Amazon apps store by click below links and make free calls from your Fire OS based Kindle Fire devices and Fire phone.
skypeSkype is a leading application for communication and this  is pre loaded on Kindle Fire and  Amazon Fire Phone. . It allows you to do free text, free call, free video calls , free file transfer between Skype users etc. The Skype also allows you to make free and Cheap calls to mobile and land line.
Read more about Skype . Download Skype for Kindle Fire.

nimbuzzNimbuzz is a program for calling and messaging for the connected generation , the Kindle Fire version of Nimbuz also  available.. Nimbuzz helps you to send messages, make audio and video calls, share images, audio, video files and virtual gifts from your Blackberry.
Read more about Nimbuzz. . Download Nimbuzz for Kindle Fire.

viberViber is  one of the leading  communication program using world wide for making video and voice free calls. Viber supports Kindle Fire and Fire phone.  Viber offers high quality phone and video free calls, send text , photo and video messages worldwide to any Viber users without any cost.
Read more about Viber      Download Viber  for Kindle Fire.

oooovooVoo is a communication app that offers free video calls and voice calls, free text chat etc on cross platforms. ooVoo works on smartphones , tablets , PC and Mac computers.

Read more about ooVoo   Download ooVoo for Kindle Fire.

talkatoneTalkatone is a mobile application that offers free calls and texts. Free inbound calls, free SMS texting, free monthly outbound minutes and unlimited free in-app calls & texts with pictures are other features of Talkatone.

Read more about Talkatone.   Download Talkatone for Kindle Fire

upptalkUppTalk is a global communications app that provides  you free calls to UppTalk users and to any mobile or land line phone,  send SMS to any mobile and chat anywhere in the world for free.
Read more about UppTalk   Download UppTalk for Kindle Fire.

TangoTango is an application which helps you to make messages and calls from your Kindle Fire.Via Tango you can send messages ,make free video calls and voice calls,share photos and play games.
Read more about Tango app.     Download  Tango  for Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire Tabs and Fire Phone users are growing rapidly and this article is very useful to whom loves making free calls from their Kindle device and Fire Phone.

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