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In this sophisticated modern era,free calling applications appears to be very contemporary since,it fulfill the dream of human being to facilitate calls at free of cost. Mo+ is a best option for you, that it lets you to make free calls in an easy and convenient way.

What is Mo+?

Mo+ is a free calling application having good Future and rich in varieties of features. Unfortunately, Mo+ supports Android and IOS only.We hope that they will expand their services to other devices in near future. Mo+ lets you to make free calls between Mo+ users and normal calls to non Mo+ users from Canada and US.

Features of Mo+

Mo+ formed a special feature “Walkie Talkie”,which attracts numerous population to Mo+ because ,it enables live contact between Mo+ users and you can pair a handset with the application and use them. Also Mo plus provides text messaging services along with calling options. Another stand out feature of Mo+ is personilisation. You can create your own profile and can set your favorite wall paper to serve as background for your calls and texts.

Mo+ makes benefit to you if you needs to calls US and Canad. Mo+ have a feature of free calls and text to any phone numbers in US and Canada. Apart from this Mo+ is rich in features voice quality, voice clarity and this makes you feel that you are sitting in front of friend and making face to face communication.

All above mentioned features help Mo+ to stand. at the peak level of free calling application and enables to win the heart of users.

Download Mo+ application

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