Free calling to India, 50 minutes every week.

free_50minutes_callsDo you want make free calling to India and other countries  ?  Yes, you will get clear  calls to Landlines and mobiles in  more than 90 countries without any expenses. We have a best option for you because we know value of your money and we don’t like spent that more.
TangoOUT , free calling program of leading communication app Tango offers free international calling minutes .
Tango Out gives users free calling to mobiles and landlines in selected countries. Users will be awarded a promotional number of minutes based on their location.
You will get 50 free minutes for calling simply after verify your mobile number. You have lot of chances to get up to 200 minutes by involve online activities such as invite friends , download apps, play game etc.
TangoOUT free minutes will be add automatically every week as the free minutes are used.

Update: Tango stopped this service and currently this service is not available.
To get free calls read out latest post.
Free calls to any phone and get your 2ndline.

TangoOUT is a completely free service but that available for limited period only.
You need install latest version of Tango to get this service. You are already installed latest version and still not getting, the reason may be unavailability of this service in your country.
Currently TangoOUT is available for Tango users from more than 100 countries. However, the company plans to add more countries in the near future.

You can make free call to more than 90 countries, contacts list will show the option for call for the eligible numbers to call. Tango constantly trying to add more destinations in near future.

If your TangoOUT free minutes finished, no option for buy more minutes. But you can earn more minutes by participating different types of online activities.
Your minutes will come back automatically on a weekly basis.
Please remember this is a limited time offer and company can change it any time.

You are not able to make free calls to numbers which already registered in Tango. However enjoy Tango to Tango free calls to this numbers any time without any time limit.
Unfortunately, if the phone number you’re trying to call is registered to a Tango account, you will not be able to contact them through Tango Out. However, you should be able to call them for free with no time limit through a regular Tango call.









How to get this ?

You need install latest version of Tango to get this offer.
1)Open  Tango app and go to menu.
2) Select My Friends and Tap on it.
3) Tango Out Notification will appear. Tap on Get Started
Verify your phone number by put code which receive via SMS to mobile. Call eligible family and friends from Tango Out Contacts

Watch this video to know how to install Tango in Android mobiles.

A video about TangoOUT

Make free calls to all following countries ,however, TangoOUT will add more countries in the near future

Tango Out Countries
American Samoa Bermuda  Miriana Islands France Iceland Latvia Mongolia Poland Spain
Andorra Bhutan Costa Rica French Guiana India Liechtenstein Namibia Portugal Sweden
Angola Brazil Croatia Germany Indonesia Lithuania Netherlands Puerto Rico Taiwan
Argentina Brunei Cyprus Gibraltar Iran Luxembourg New Zealand Reunion Thailand
Australia Bulgaria Czech Republic Greece Ireland Macao, China Nigeria Romania United Kingdom
Austria Cambodia Denmark Guadeloupe Israel Malaysia Norway San Marino
Bahrain Chile Dominican Republic Guam Italy Malta Panama Singapore Uzbekistan
Bangladesh China Estonia Hongkong, China Japan Martinique Paraguay Slovak Republic Vatican City State
Belgium Colombia Finland Hungary Korea Mexico Peru Slovenia Venezuela


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