Free calls to mobile & landline with Primo app.


Caution: Stay away if you are googling for conventional social networking apps.
It’s time to reach your friends and families FREE by getting FREE minutes more through the mobile app called Primo. Excellent features are imparted in Primo app to distinguish it from other popular social networking apps that are well known nowadays.
Primo app can make free calls, send SMS, messages, share files, video calls like popular social networking apps. But none of them provides free calls within cellular network as there important feature. Yes, free calls are the prominent feature of Primo app that can be availed in 33 listed countries including Indian Mobile and land line under Primo network. This is very happy news to all Indian who living in abroad and they can talk to their friends and relatives freely . On the whole, it directly benefits around 4 billion people in the world.
Primo users no longer need multiple apps to connect with different people. A single app is enough to connect with everyone incorporating voice, video and file sharing, messaging. Primo users can connect App-to-App, App-to-mobile, and even App to landlines to selected countries in the world.
primo-app-rect1You can get free minutes just by signing up in this app. Extra free minutes are awarded with each contacts, emails being added to this app. So more invites means more free minutes to make call. A Primo user will get hundreds of minutes by doing different types of activities such as mentioned below.
Add phone number   25 minutes
Add email address     25 minutes
Enter home town      25 minutes
Enter location           25 minutes
Set profile photo      25 minutes
Invite friends           25 minutes

A Primo user can Make free calls to Mobile and land lines in India, Mexico, China, Canada,  USA,Brazil, Singapore and  Thailand. Make free calls to land lines in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, , Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.  You can also send free text messages to USA.
A Unique Primo number is generated once you become a Primo user. After verification, this number can be shared with your friends and families. Primo app offers free inbound calls using this number while we are roaming. Call rates for those inbound calls can be saved. This would be a dream come true for many who travel often. You can even message people who are not using this app, which means you can send SMS, make telephone calls to those who don’t have Primo.
In Primo app, there is a provision to add our own credit account. This amount can be used for calling to the countries which are excluded in the Primo network list. Those call rates are retrieved from the loaded balance. You can load from $2.50 to $20 Primo credits and more. In Primo voice network, the user can opt for either data or cellular voice while making calls. This option is shown while the user is about to make a call.primo-app-rect2
The user interface of this app is so simple that any layman can use it without expertise. Exceptional call quality is assured even when not connected to data which is not normally seen in other similar apps. On the messaging part, all standard messaging features including group chats, sending pictures and videos are inbuilt in Primo app. People can experience scintillating communication among friends and relatives.
Primo runs on IOS and Android operating systems. It works on both phones and tablets. Primo’s future goal is to set free communication around the globe. Yes, Primo users are ready to come closer around the world. Are you?

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