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Now we can make  international calls absolutely FREE with , the app, called WhatsCall app . Call your loved ones as if they are very close to you using high quality voice calls as never before. Top features are built in Whatscall app for common people and crazy dudes!! Let’s have a look.

How to get free calling credits ?

Whatscall app gives you  thousands of calling credits by doing simple activities. You will get 1000 calling credits when you signup to WhatsCall app, also you can earn hundreds of calling credits by installing different useful apps to your mobile. Daily check in awards will be added once you check in the app. 100 credits will be awarded for each day checking in and 1000 credits for checking in 7 days a row. Invite your friends to WhatsCall and get 1000 calling credits each signups. Inviting your friends to join WhatsCall on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and many other social platforms is a newly added feature in whatscall.
Clicking ads every day is the another option to get hundreds of calling credits.That means , you  don’t want to waste your money on buying credits for phone calls, instead, watch some ads and earn up to 30 mins of free credits each day.  Besides having a free conversation between WhatsCall users, there are different offers in WhatsCall, just complete these simple offers and earn call credits to call non-WhatsCall users for FREE! You can utilize this free call credit to call any mobile/landline numbers in more than 230 countries.

How much free minutes for calling?

Every user has 2000+ free call credits each day, which makes 30+ minutes free time. Please note free callings credit and  free minutes are not same. Free credits will deduct from your account for each minutes. Calling minutes are vary to each destination country, for example calling to India needs 110 calling credits to make it  one  minute calling and make 9 minutes calls with 1000 calling credits .  33 minutes free calls can do to Canada to this same 1000 calling credits because calling rate to Canada is 30 credits per minute.
Calling credits per minute to main destination countries.
India-110 ,United States-120,Russia-260,China-120,UK-130,
Brazil-1090,Mexico-280,Canada-30,Ukraine-1340,Germany-1000,Spain-140,France-640,Italy-680,Poland-270,Turkey-1420,Australia-250,Argentina-1670,Thailand-120,Malaysia-240,Indonesia-440,Philippines-1130,Vietnam-650,Taiwan -980,South Korea-130,Japan-430,Hong Kong-210,Singapore-60,Israel-210 and Egypt-540.
Please check in app ,to get the complete call rates.
There will be no extra charges for calling home and abroad. Currently, millions of people are enjoying the benefits of WhatsCall app.

How Whatscall app is different in call quality?

Optimization of IP-PSTN call quality allow users to make high quality video and phone calls at low rates. Advanced voice coding and decoding technology is implemented in WhatCall making the hassle free calling experience.

Lively Video message in Whatscall app is another interesting feature.  Yes, it’s time to inform your friends by sending lively video message in contrast to voice message. Conveying your thoughts using video message feature can show the degree of importance in that message very clearly. This feature is comparatively new when we go through similar conventional apps.

Download Whatscall app from play store  and install it to experience the inbuilt features in it. Whatscall app currently available for Android only.
So what are you waiting for!! Get a gang by inviting your friends, collect free CREDITS and enjoy talking with them as never before.

Update : Whatscall  will be shutting down on April 28, 2019. 

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